The Kingdom of Heaven IS the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of Heaven IS the Kingdom of God I. By simply comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1Co 2:13), it is irrefutable that the "kingdom of heaven" spoken of in Matthew is synonymous with the "kingdom of God" spoken of in Mark and Luke. (see attached spreadsheet) II. The kingdom of heaven/God came and was a present reality at the first coming of Christ. 1. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven / kingdom of God was "at hand" (Mat 4:17; Mar 1:14-15). A. At hand - a. Within easy reach; near; close by. - Oxford English Dictionary B. ""At hand" is never a positive affirmation that the person or thing said to be "at hand" will immediately appear, but only that no known or predicted event must intervene." (Scofield Reference Bible, note on Mat 4:17) C. Jesus disagrees with Scofield (Mar 14:42-43). 2. Jesus said that there was "no doubt" that the kingdom of heaven/God "is come" (Luk 11:20; Mat 12:28). A. Men were "pressing into" the kingdom of God/heaven while Jesus walked the earth (Luk 16:16). B. John the Baptist preached the kingdom of heaven/God (Luk 16:16 c/w Mat 3:1-2). C. How could men press into something that wasn't there? D. Jesus said the kingdom of God/heaven "IS (not 'will be') within you" (Luk 17:20-21). 3. The kingdom came right on time as it was prophesied to in the days of the Roman empire (Dan 2:44 c/w Luk 3:1-3 c/w Mar 1:14-15 c/w Mat 3:1-2). A. This kingdom would stand forever (Dan 2:44). B. The church is that kingdom of heaven that will stand forever and never be destroyed (Mat 16:18-19). C. It is that kingdom that cannot be moved (Heb 12:28-29). D. It will last world without end (Eph 3:21). 4. The publicans and harlots were going into the kingdom of God/heaven (Mat 21:31-32). A. How could they go into something that wasn't there? B. They were doing so by being baptized (Mat 3:1-6 c/w Luk 7:29-30). C. Being baptized adds one to the church (Act 2:41-42,47). D. The kingdom that Jesus appointed to the apostles was the church where we eat and drink at Christ's table (the Lord's table -- communion) (Luk 22:29 c/w 1Co 10:16-21). 5. The kingdom of God/heaven is not an earthly, material kingdom. A. Jesus said His kingdom IS (not 'will be') "not of this world" (Joh 18:36). i. When the Jews tried to make Him a king, He ran from it (Joh 6:15). ii. Don't the Scofieldites tell us that he came to set up an earthly kingdom in Jerusalem??? B. Jesus said the kingdom of God/heaven "cometh not with observation" (Luk 17:20-21). 6. Jesus is a king (1Ti 6:14-16). A. King - 1. a. The usual title of the male sovereign ruler of an independent state B. If He is a king, then He has a kingdom. C. Jesus called it "my kingdom" (Luk 22:30; Joh 18:36). D. Jesus was raised up to sit on David's throne when he was resurrected from the dead (Act 2:29-31). i. David's throne is IN HEAVEN (Psa 89:35-37). ii. It is at the right hand of God (Act 2:32-33). iii. God set Christ His king on the holy hill of Zion at the resurrection when he begat Him from the dead (Psa 2:6-7 c/w Act 13:33). E. Jesus is a priest-king after the order of Melchisedec. i. Melchisedec was a king and a priest (Heb 7:1). ii. Jesus was made a priest after the order of Melchisedec who was a king-priest (Heb 5:5-6,10; Heb 6:20; Heb 7:14-17). F. Jesus is the king/head of the church which is His kingdom. i. A head is a king (1Sam 15:17). a. Head - A person to whom others are subordinate; a chief, captain, commander, ruler, leader, principal person, head man. b. King - 1. a. The usual title of the male sovereign ruler of an independent state ii. Jesus is the head/king of the church (Eph 5:23). iii. Jesus became the head/king and ruler of the universe and the church when he was raised from the dead and set at God's right hand (Eph 1:20-23). iv. This is precisely speaking of Christ being raised up and seated on David's throne as king (Act 2:29-33). G. Those who believe in a PITIFUL and PATHETIC Jesus who did not setup his kingdom, who is not a king, and who did not save all that the Father gave him to save better KISS THE SON, LEST HE BE ANGRY!!! (Psa 2:12).
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