The Excelsior Springs Church

The Excelsior Springs Church is a Historic, Independent, Unincorporated, Non-501c3, KJV-only, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church which meets in Excelsior Springs, Missouri near Kansas City. We believe in the divine inspiration and preservation of the Bible in the King James Version (Authorized Version of 1611), which is the only basis of our faith and practice. We believe in the sovereign electing grace of God which alone saves sinners eternally and that a man's faith in Jesus Christ is the evidence, not the cause, of eternal life. We believe that once a man believes the gospel and repents of his sins, he ought to be baptized by immersion in water which adds him to the local church. We believe that the local church was instituted by God for the edifying and improvement of the faith of God's children and is where they should worship Him in spirit and in truth and fellowship with Christians of like-faith.

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Do You Know For Whom Christ Died?

Answer a Few Questions to Find Out 


Do you know for whom Christ died? Take a few minutes and go through a series of questions to see if you know.

*** Begin ***

For a tutorial of The King's Highway, click here: For Whom Did Christ Die?

My Interview on the PlannedIllusion Show: Trust Not Man

I was interviewed for a fourth time by Jimuphy Masters on the PlannedIllusion Show.

From the episode description:

“Pastor Chad Wagner joins the show for an inspiring, meaning of life episode. Pastor Chad from Excelsior Springs church unpacks the state of our society post Pandemic and searches deep into scripture to find out what God has to say about how we navigate the tough times ahead. This was a great opportunity to unpack the new-age misconceptions about the Holy Bible, Christ, our Creator God and a series of typical questions which led to the most interesting theological discussion yet on PLannedilLusion. This is the episode you will replay over and over again – Enjoy”

Episode page:

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Problem Texts for Sovereign Grace
The Problem Texts for Sovereign Grace outline has been published as a paperback book on Amazon. For the book description, go here.

To download the outline for free and to listen to the entire series, click here: Problem Texts.

Sermons, Blogs, and Books on Proverbs
Pastor Wagner is writing a commentary series and preaching a sermon series on the book of Proverbs, and as the books are being written, and the sermons preached, a commentary and a mini sermon on each verse will be posted below for your edification. The first three books in the series have been published on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions. Keep checking back to see what has been added. If you would like to receive an email each time a new blog is posted, you can subscribe here.

Read reviews of the books here.

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Proverbs (Part 153) - Pro 11:16

Proverbs (Part 152) - Pro 11:15

Proverbs (Part 151) - Pro 11:14

Proverbs (Part 150) - Pro 11:13

Proverbs (Part 149) - Pro 11:12

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Proverbs (Part 148) - Pro 11:10-11

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Wednesday, February 15, 2023
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Proverbs (Part 147) - Pro 11:9

Ask the Pastor (Part 10) - Fasting, Eternal Sonship, Spiritual Gifts, Bride of Christ, Fall of Lucifer, and More

In this Bible study, Pastor Wagner answers live questions from the brethren on fasting, will people go to hell for celebrating Christmas, the error of eternal sonship, spiritual gifts, why the church is called the bride of Christ, why God allowed the fall of Lucifer, Isa 54:1 and Gal 4:27, what happened to the saints who were resurrected after Christ's resurrection, and more.

Proverbs (Part 146) - Pro 11:7-8

Proverbs (Part 145) - Pro 11:6

More About Jesus

Pastor Wagner preached an extemporaneous Bible study Jesus Christ, including prophecies of His birth, royalty, and divinity. Also discussed was His youth, baptism, sinlessness, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and salvation of His people.

Proverbs (Part 144) - Pro 11:5

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Wednesday, December 28, 2022
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