What You Need To Know Before Joining Our Church (Part 5)


14. The names of God A. God's names are given in the KJV. B. Some examples are: i. God (Gen 1:1) ii. LORD (Gen 4:1) iii. Jehovah (Exo 6:3) iv. Lord (Mat 4:7) v. The Almighty (Job 5:17) vi. Father (1Jo 5:7) vii. Jesus (Mat 1:21) C. The KJV translators were correct to translate God's name ("YHWH" in Hebrew) as "LORD" the majority of times in the Old Testament. i. The reason is because God translated "YHWH" as Lord in the New Testament. a. Jesus Christ Himself when quoting from the Law translated the Hebrew "YHWH" as the Greek "Lord" (Mat 22:37 c/w Deu 6:5). b. The apostles, under the inspiration of God, likewise translated the Hebrew "YHWH" as the Greek "Lord" in the NT (Act 4:26 c/w Psa 2:2). ii. The KJV translators were simply following the example of Jesus and the apostles who translated "YHWH" as "Lord" under the inspiration of God when they translated "YHWH" as "LORD" in the OT. iii. See video on why The KJV is Right to Translate YHWH as LORD Instead of Jehovah. D. God's name for English speakers is not Yahweh, Elohim, G-d, Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahushua, or any other name not found in the KJV. E. If God wanted English speaking people to call Him by those names, He would have put them in the KJV. 15. Flat earth A. We are NOT Flat-earthers. B. Since the flat earth movement is growing quickly, I have included this in the list of our beliefs. C. The earth is globe (Isa 40:22). i. Circle - 1. a. A perfectly round plane figure. In Geom. defined as a plane figure bounded by a single curved line, called the circumference, which is everywhere equally distant from a point within, called the centre. But often applied to the circumference alone, without the included space. 2. b. Naut. great circle sailing: navigation along the arc of a great circle of the earth. ii. Equator n. - 2. Geog. A great circle of the earth, in the plane of the celestial equator, and equidistant from the two poles. 3. a. transf. A similarly situated circle on any heavenly (or, occasionally, any spherical) body. D. It is hung upon nothing in empty space (Job 26:7). E. See sermons on Flat Earth Refutation. 16. Pagan Holidays A. The holidays of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are all "Christianized" pagan holidays. i. Christmas was the Catholic name given to the pagan holiday of Natalis Solis Invicti (birth of the unconquered sun) which celebrated the birthday of the sun a few days after the winter solstice. ii. Easter was the Catholic name given to the pagan fertility holiday of Ishtar, Astarte, Eostre, etc. that was celebrated around the spring equinox. iii. Halloween was the Catholic name given to the pagan Druidic celebration of Samhain where evil spirits were appeased by giving them food on October 31st. iv. Any encyclopedia will verify these facts. B. God forbids incorporating pagan practices into His worship (Deu 12:29-32; Jer 10:2-4; 2Co 6:14-18). C. These pagan holidays honor devils (1Co 10:20). D. We must worship God in the manner that He commands and not add or diminish anything from it (Mat 28:20; 1Co 11:2). E. No member of the Excelsior Springs Church will celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. F. See sermons on Pagan Holidays.