The Deity of Jesus Christ (Part 1) - OT Prophecies of the Deity of Christ, Jesus Claimed to Be God

For a master copy of the outline, click here: The Deity of Jesus Christ To Listen on YouTube, click here: The Deity of Jesus Christ (Part 1) - OT Prophecies of the Deity of Christ, Jesus Claimed to Be God The Deity of Jesus Christ I. The goal of this study 1. Cults and all other false religions deny the deity of Christ. 2. As Christians, you will be challenged to defend your believe that Jesus is God. 3. The aim of this study is to give overwhelming scriptural proof that Jesus Christ is God. II. Old Testament prophesied that the Messiah would be God. 1. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah, Jesus would be called the mighty God (Isa 9:6 c/w Luk 2:11). A. The mighty God is Jehovah (The LORD) (Jer 32:18; Psa 50:1). B. Therefore, Jesus Christ is Jehovah God. C. Jesus, the son of David would be called THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jehovah our righteousness) (Jer 23:5-6). 2. The Messiah was prophesied to be God (Psa 45:2-7 c/w Heb 1:8-9). 3. The Messiah was also prophesied to be eternal. A. His goings forth have been from everlasting (Mic 5:2 c/w Mat 2:6). B. He would be called the everlasting Father (Isa 9:6). 4. Jesus would be called Emanuel which means "God with us" (Isa 7:14 c/w Mat 1:23). 5. God said that "they shall look upon me whom they have pierced" (Zec 12:10). A. They looked on Jesus whom they pierced (Joh 19:33-37). B. The shepherd who was pierced was Jesus Christ the fellow of the LORD (Zec 13:6-7 c/w Mat 26:31). C. Fellow - 1. a. One who shares with another in a possession, official dignity, or in the performance of any work; a partner, colleague, co-worker. Also, one united with another in a covenant for common ends; an ally. D. Jesus is the Word who is God (Joh 1:1), the second person of the Trinity (1Jo 5:7), and is therefore the fellow of the LORD. E. Therefore, Jesus is God. 6. God said, "Cast in unto the potter: a goodly price that I was prised at of them...", prophesying of when He would be prized for thirty pieces of silver (Zec 11:13). A. This prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus who was prized at thirty pieces of silver (Mat 26:14-15; Mat 27:9-10). B. Therefore, Jesus is God. III. Jesus claimed to be God. 1. Jesus plainly claimed to be God. A. Jesus claimed to be Jehovah. i. Jesus told the Jews, "before Abraham was, I am." (Joh 8:58) ii. "I AM" is Jehovah God's name (Exo 3:14). iii. Therefore, Jesus was claiming to be Jehovah God. B. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, making Himself equal with God (Joh 5:17-18; Joh 10:36; Mat 26:63-64; Mar 14:61-62; Joh 9:35-37). C. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, the Christ (Joh 4:25-26). i. The OT declared that the Messiah was God (Isa 9:6; Mic 5:2). ii. Therefore, Jesus claimed to be God. D. Jesus said that He and God the Father were one, declaring Himself to be God (Joh 10:30-33; Joh 17:11). 2. Jehovah God used the phrase "I am he" a total of five times in the OT to declare that He was God (Isa 41:4; Isa 43:10; Isa 43:13; Isa 46:4; Isa 48:12). A. Jesus used the phrase "I am he" a total of five times in the NT to identify Himself (Joh 8:24; Joh 8:28; Joh 13:19; Joh 18:5-6; Joh 18:8). B. Therefore, Jesus claimed to be Jehovah God. 3. The things that Jesus said and did would have been blasphemy for anyone but God to say or do. A. "Never man spake like this man." (Joh 7:46) B. Jesus exhorted His disciples to believe in Him just as they believed in God (Joh 14:1). i. Jesus would have been inviting a curse on His disciples to put their faith in Him if He were merely a man (Jer 17:5). ii. Therefore, Jesus was clearly showing that He is God. C. Jesus said that all men should honour Him as they honour the Father (Joh 5:23). D. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life (Joh 14:6). E. Jesus said that He gives His sheep eternal life (Joh 10:27-28). F. Jesus said that all power in heaven and in earth was given to Him (Mat 28:18). G. Jesus said that He had power to lay down his life and to take it up again (Joh 10:18). H. Jesus said that he that hath seen Him hath seen the Father (Joh 14:9). I. Jesus said, while standing on earth, that He was in heaven (Joh 3:13). J. Jesus said that He had glory with God the Father before the world was (Joh 17:5). K. All these statements would have been pure blasphemy for Jesus to say, were He not God. L. Jesus accepted worship from people (Mat 14:33; Mat 8:2; Mat 9:18; Mat 28:9; Joh 9:38). i. Only God is to be worshipped (Mat 4:10). ii. Therefore, Jesus is God. M. Jesus forgave sins (Mar 2:5,10). i. Only God can forgive sins (Mar 2:7; Isa 43:25; Dan 9:9; Mic 7:18). ii. Therefore, Jesus is God.