Teaching Sovereign Grace to a Six-Year-Old (Part 2)


V. God's plan to save us from our sins and going to hell 1. Before God created the world, He chose to save some people from going to hell and to take them to heaven with Him (Eph 1:4). A. These people are called "the elect" in the Bible. B. Calling them "elect" means that they were chosen by God. C. When we elect a president, we choose him. 2. God did this because He decided to love them, even when they didn't love Him (Rom 5:8-10). 3. Because God is good and fair, He could not let the elected people not be punished for their sins (Nah 1:3). 4. The punishment for their sins is death in hell, but if God sends them to hell, then they can't go to heaven to be with Him. 5. So God came up with a plan that would allow for their sins to be punished and for them to go to heaven. 6. God would become a man and live a perfect life and die for those people in their place (1Jo 3:16). A. This man that God became was Jesus Christ (Joh 1:1, 14). B. Since God was His father, Jesus didn't have a sinful spiritual nature like the rest of us. C. Jesus was a "whipping boy" for us. i. A long time ago, kings had boys called "whipping boys" that would be punished when their sons did something wrong. ii. If their son lied and he needed a spanking, the whipping boy would be spanked instead and the son would have to watch. iii. This is what Jesus is for us. We sinned, and He was punished for it. D. Jesus lived a perfect life and never once sinned (1Pe 2:22). E. Because He had no sin, He could die for the sins of the elect whom God chose to save (2Co 5:21). F. Jesus was beaten badly and then crucified (killed by hanging on a cross) for our sins (1Co 15:3; 1Pe 2:24). G. Jesus suffered all of the punishment on the cross that we would have suffered in hell. H. When Jesus died He was buried for three days, and then He rose again (God caused Him to come back to life) (1Co 15:4). 7. After Jesus died for our sins, God was no longer angry with us for our sins because He had punished Jesus for them (1Jo 2:2).
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