Proverbs 9:15 (Mini Sermon)


15. Pro 9:15 - "To call passengers who go right on their ways:" A. To call passengers i. Passenger n. - 1. a. A passer by or through. b. A traveller (usually on foot), a wayfarer. ii. The foolish woman (Satan's false religions – see Pro 9:14) targets men who are not in the security of their own home or church. iii. She tries to catch them when they are on the road, so to speak. iv. Many times travelers travel alone, making them more vulnerable to her enticement (Ecc 4:9-12). B. who go right on their ways: i. To go right on one's way to take a direct course without erring. a. Right adv. - I. 1. a. Of motion or position: Straight; in a direct course or line. b. A right way is a straight way which doesn't deviate to the right or left (Pro 4:25-27). ii. The foolish woman targets men who are walking on a straight course trying to get where they are going. a. She seeks to distract them from their planned destination to get them to veer from it. b. She is like the billboard sign which catches the attention of drivers and causes them to run off the road, or worse yet, to take the next exit to a sinful destination. c. Satan's false churches use all kinds of tactics to call men to veer off the way of righteousness, such as missionaries knocking on doors (Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses), deceptive TV ads (Mormons, etc.), televangelists, radio preachers, movies, YouTube videos, etc. iii. Wisdom leads men in right paths (Pro 4:11); the foolish woman calls men off them (Pro 9:16).
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