Proverbs 8:33 (Mini Sermon)


33. Pro 8:33 - "Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not." A. Hear instruction, i. Wisdom commands us to hear instruction. a. Hear v. - 1. a. intr. To perceive, or have the sensation of, sound; to possess or exercise the faculty of audition, of which the specific organ is the ear. 4. To exercise the auditory function intentionally; to give ear, hearken, listen. b. trans. To listen to (a person or thing) with more or less attention or understanding; to give ear to, hearken to; to give audience to. b. Instruction n. - 1. The action of instructing or teaching; the imparting of knowledge or skill; education; information. ii. Wisdom is telling us to listen to teaching to get an education. a. This applies to children in school. b. This also applies to adults who have finished their formal education. c. It has been wisely said that once your schooling is complete your education can begin. d. Wisdom's exhortation especially applies to Christians in church who should hear the teaching of the word of God and be thereby educated in the doctrine of God. iii. The book of Proverbs exhorts us repeatedly to hear instruction (Pro 1:8; Pro 4:1). iv. We must hear in order to receive instruction (Jer 32:33). v. We also must apply our ears and hearts to hearing instruction if we expect to understand and remember it (Pro 23:12). vi. The instruction which should be listened to is wise instruction from the word of God (2Ti 3:16). vii. We should not listen to instruction which leads us into error (Pro 19:27; Pro 14:7; 2Jo 1:10). B. and be wise, i. Wise adj. - 1. a. Having or exercising sound judgement or discernment; capable of judging truly concerning what is right or fitting, and disposed to act accordingly; having the ability to perceive and adopt the best means for accomplishing an end; characterized by good sense and prudence. Opp. to foolish. ii. It is a mark of wisdom to hear and receive instruction (Pro 13:1). iii. It is a mark of foolishness to refuse to hear and receive instruction (Pro 1:7; Pro 15:5; Jer 17:23). iv. It is necessary to hear instruction in order to be wise and increase in wisdom (Pro 19:20; Pro 9:9). C. and refuse it not. i. Refuse v. - 1. a. To disclaim, disown, decline to countenance (an act). b. To avoid, keep clear of or free from (sin, vice, etc.). Obs. 2. To decline to take or accept (something offered or presented); to reject the offer of (a thing). 3. To decline to accept or submit to (a command, rule, instruction, etc.) or to undergo (pain or penalty). ii. We must not only hear instruction, but do it (Jam 1:22). iii. He who reuses instruction errs (Pro 10:17). iv. He who refuses instruction hates himself (Pro 15:32). v. Such a man has poverty awaiting him (Pro 13:18).
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