Proverbs 8:19 (Mini Sermon)


19. Pro 8:19 - "My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver." A. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; i. Wisdom personified is speaking in this passage (Pro 8:1, 12). ii. The fruit of wisdom is better than gold and even fine gold (Pro 3:13-15; Psa 19:10). iii. Fruit n. - 7. Anything accruing, produced, or resulting from an action or effort, the operation of a cause, etc. a. Material produce, outgrowth, increase; pl. products, revenues. b. An immaterial product, a result, issue, consequence. c. Advantage, benefit, enjoyment, profit. iv. One of the reasons that wisdom's fruit is better than gold is because those who love wisdom will inherit substance and have their treasures filled by her (Pro 8:21). a. In other words, those who possess wisdom will not only have wisdom (which is more valuable than gold and other precious things (Pro 8:10-11)), but they will also have gold (wealth and valuable things) in addition to wisdom. b. A man can get gold with wisdom, but he can't get wisdom with gold (Job 28:15; Pro 17:16). v. Another reason that wisdom's fruit is better than gold is because it gives the man who has it a long, peaceful, pleasant, and honorable life (Pro 3:16-17; Pro 4:8-9). B. and my revenue than choice silver. i. Wisdom produces a return of income for the man who possesses it. ii. Revenue n. - 1. Return to a place. Obs. rare. (last used in 1532) 2. The return, yield, or profit of any lands, property, or other important source of income. 3. That which comes in to one as a return from property or possessions, esp. of an extensive kind; income from any source (but esp. when large and not directly earned). iii. Her revenue is primarily durable fruits such as righteousness and honour (Pro 8:18). iv. Whoso possesses wisdom finds life and favour from the LORD (Pro 8:35). v. Just like a dividend-paying stock, as long as a man possesses wisdom, she will keep paying him dividends of blessings, happiness, and peace. vi. This revenue is indeed better than choice silver.
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