Proverbs 5:18 (Mini Sermon)


18. Pro 5:18 - "Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth." A. Let thy fountain be blessed: i. His "fountain" is the source of children which issues from his marriage with a godly woman (Pro 5:16). ii. Blessed ppl. - 1. Consecrated, hallowed, holy; consecrated by a religious rite or ceremony. 3. a. Enjoying supreme felicity; happy, fortunate. 4. a. Bringing, or accompanied by, blessing or happiness; pleasurable, joyful, blissful. a. A man who is married to a godly woman will have a blessed fountain in the primary sense of "blessed" because his children will be holy, being the product of a God-blessed marriage (1Co 7:14). b. His fountain produced by holy matrimony will also be blessed in the secondary sense because his children will bring him happiness and joy (Pro 23:24; Psa 113:9). iii. God blesses godly couples with numerous children (Psa 127:3-5). a. Happy adj. - 1. Coming or happening by chance; fortuitous; chance. Obs. rare. 2. a. Having good ‘hap’ or fortune; lucky, fortunate; favoured by lot, position, or other external circumstance. b. Blessed, beatified. b. If a couple has children it is because God graciously gave them to them (Gen 33:5). iv. On the contrary, sinners "shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase" (Hos 4:10). v. Their bastard children will also cause them grieve and pain rather than blessing and joy. B. and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. i. A husband should rejoice with his wife. a. Rejoice v. - 1. trans. To enjoy by possessing; to have full possession and use of (a thing). Obs. (went out of use in 16th century) 2. To gladden, make joyful, exhilarate (a person, his spirits, etc.). b. A bridegroom rejoices over his bride (Isa 62:5). (i) This joyfulness should not end after the honeymoon. (ii) However, it will take work at times to maintain it after the honeymoon. c. Husbands are to live joyfully with their wives (Ecc 9:9). d. Isaac sported with Rebekah (Gen 26:8). (i) Sport v. - (the 1st definition is reflexive) 2. a. intr. To amuse, entertain, or recreate oneself, esp. by active exercise in the open air; to take part in some game or play; to frolic or gambol. (ii) Whatever this "sporting" was, it was either something that is peculiar to lovers, or it was done in a way that only lovers would do because when Abimelech witnessed it he immediately knew that Isaac and Rebekah were married (Gen 26:9). (iii) Whatever they were doing, they were playing and having fun together. (iv) Isaac would have been at least in his 70s when he was being playful with his wife (Gen 25:26-28). (v) Romance shouldn't end when youth does. ii. "Mutual delight is the bond of mutual fidelity." (Matthew Henry's Commentary, commenting on Pro 5:15-23) iii. "Those take not their comforts where God has appointed who are jovial and merry with their companions abroad, but sour and morose with their families at home." (Matthew Henry's Commentary, Commenting on Pro 5:15-23)
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