Proverbs 4:27 (Mini Sermon)


27. Pro 4:27 - "Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil." A. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: i. The way of God is strait and narrow (Mat 7:13-14). ii. To stay on it, the scripture teaches in numerous places that we must not turn to the right nor the left. a. God warned Israel to do as He commanded and to not turn to the right or left from it (Deut 5:32; Deut 17:11). b. The king of Israel was to read the scriptures for all his life and turn not to the right hand nor the left in order to prolong his days in his kingdom (Deut 17:20). c. If we hide the word of God in our hearts, it will be that voice in our heads telling us the way in which we should walk when we head to the right hand or the left (Isa 30:21). d. If we turn not to the right hand nor to the left from God's commandments we will prosper wherever we go (Jos 1:7). iii. Satan often gives us two bad choices and makes us think these are our only options, such as: a. Calvinism or Arminianism b. Premillennialism or Postmillennialism c. Catholicism or Protestantism d. The NIV or the Catholic bible e. Democrats or Republicans f. Coke or Pepsi g. McDonalds or Burger King h. CNN or Fox News iv. The truth is usually found between the extremes of (or altogether outside of ) both false options. B. remove thy foot from evil. i. Remove v. - 1. a. To move or shift from or out of the place occupied; to lift or push aside; to lift up and take away; to take off. b. To take away, withdraw, from a place, person, etc.; †to raise, abandon (a siege). Also refl. to betake oneself away. ii. The first part of this verse is a preventative commandment which was given to keep us from getting out of the right way. iii. The second part of this verse is a reactive commandment which was given to get us back on the right way if we have gone astray. iv. To remove one's foot from evil means that he has veered off into an evil place and therefore needs to leave that place and get back on the narrow way which leads to life. v. If you have erred from God's way, it's not too late to repent and "be wise in thy latter end" (Pro 19:20).
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