Proverbs 4:2 (Mini Sermon)


2. Pro 4:2 - "For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law." A. For I give you good doctrine, i. Solomon gave his son good doctrine. ii. Doctrine n. - 1. The action of teaching or instructing; instruction; a piece of instruction, a lesson, precept. iii. The world gives bad doctrines, such as: a. The doctrines of men (Mar 7:7). b. The doctrines of devils (1Ti 4:1). c. Strange doctrines (Heb 13:9). d. Hypocritical doctrine (Mat 16:6 c/w Mat 16:12 c/w Luk 12:1). e. False doctrine (Eph 4:14; 1Ti 1:3). iv. God's doctrine is good and will nourish us like rain does grass (Deut 32:1-2). v. Jesus Christ's authoritative doctrine was astonishing (Mar 1:22). vi. Fathers and pastors should follow Solomon's example and give their children good doctrine (1Ti 4:6; 1Ti 4:13; 1Ti 4:16; Tit 2:1; Tit 2:7). B. forsake ye not my law. i. Forsake v. - 1. trans. To deny (an accusation, an alleged fact, etc.). Obs. 2. To decline or refuse (something offered). c. To refuse respect or obedience to (a command, duty, etc.); to disregard. Also, to neglect (to do something). Obs. 4. To abandon, leave entirely, withdraw from; esp. to withdraw one's presence and help or companionship from; to desert. ii. Children should not forsake their parents' law (Pro 1:8). iii. Children of God should not forsake God's law (Joh 14:15). a. The opposite of forsaking God's commandments is keeping them (Pro 28:4). b. Even when things get extremely difficult in life, we must not forsake God's law (Psa 119:87). iv. If we keep Christ's law, we will understand His doctrine (Joh 7:17).