Preparing Your Kids for the Real World (Part 06) - Spiritual Development (Part B)

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Preparing Your Kids for the Real World (Part 06) - Spiritual Development (Part B) For the outline and the rest of the sermons in this series, click here: Preparing Your Kids For The Real World To listen to or watch the previous sermon in the series, click here: (Part 5) To listen to or watch the next sermon in the series, click here: (Part 7) 6. Teach them to pray. A. Teach them to pray always in every situation and throughout the day, staying in continual communion with God (1Th 5:17; Luk 6:12; Luk 18:1; Act 12:5; Eph 6:18; Col 4:2). i. Teach them to pray before bed and when they get up. ii. Pray with them before they go to bed. iii. Let them see you praying regularly, both in private and as a family. B. Teach them to pray before every meal (Joh 6:11; Mat 15:36). i. Jesus gave thanks for food He created: how much more so should we give thanks for food that God has given us! ii. After Jesus fed the 5,000, His prayer was mentioned, but the miracle was not (Joh 6:23). iii. Teach your children to pray before meals even when they are in public or in the presence of unbelievers (Act 27:35). iv. This is one way to be a light in a dark world. v. Teach them this by your example. C. Teach them the following guidelines for effective prayer: i. Follow the pattern of the Lord's prayer (Mat 6:9-13), but don't repeat it verbatim (Mat 6:7). ii. We must ask, seek, and knock if we expect our needs and desires to be given unto us (Mat 7:7-8; Jam 4:2; Num 27:1-11). iii. Ask in faith and believe that God will answer your prayers if it is His will to do so (Mat 21:22; Jam 1:5-7). iv. Ask, believing that God is able to give you your request (Mat 9:28-30). a. Ask God, believing that He can grant your prayer, but not demanding that He will, or presuming that He must (Mar 1:40-42). b. All things are possible with God (Luk 1:37; Mat 19:26). c. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph 3:20). d. If we believe, all things are possible (Mar 9:23-24). e. But remember, just because it's possible for God to do something doesn't mean that He will, which is why we must pray according to His will and be ready to accept the outcome (Mar 14:36). v. Pray in Jesus' name (Joh 14:13-14; Joh 15:16; Joh 16:23-24). a. What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name? (i) Name n. - 11. in one's name, in the name of one: a. In phrases expressing invocation of, reliance upon, or devotion to, the persons of the Godhead. c. Denoting the use of another's name to give authority or countenance to one's acts; or implying that the action is done on account or on behalf of some other person or persons. Hence, by contrast to this, in one's own name. (ii) Invocation - 1. The action or an act of invoking or calling upon (God, a deity, etc.) in prayer or attestation; supplication, or an act or form of supplication, for aid or protection. b. Praying in Jesus' name is praying to God with reliance upon Jesus that those prayers will be heard because Jesus makes intercession for us, and therefore God will answer them for Jesus' sake (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:25). c. The apostles could heal people and cast out devils when they called upon Jesus for the power to do so, invoking His name (Mar 16:17, 20; Act 3:6-7; Act 16:18). d. Though we don't have those miraculous gifts today, the same principle still applies to our prayers; if we want God to hear and answer them, we must pray in Jesus' name. vi. Abide in Jesus to have our prayers heard and answered (Joh 15:7). vii. Don't go to God in prayer with unforsaken sin in your life because God will not hear your prayers (1Pe 3:12; Joh 9:31). a. Our sin separates us from God and causes Him to not hear us (Isa 59:2). b. If we have sin in our hearts, the LORD will not hear us (Psa 66:18). c. The LORD is far from the wicked, but hears the prayers of the righteous (Pro 15:29). d. This is why a scorner who seeks wisdom from God will not find it (Pro 14:6). viii. Pray according to God's will (1Jo 5:14-15). a. Ask only for things that God approves of in His word (Jam 4:3). b. Amiss adv. - 1. Erroneously, in a way that goes astray of, or misses its object. ix. Be persistent with God (Luk 11:5-10; Luk 18:1-8; Mat 15:21-28; Mar 2:1-5; Mar 10:46-52). a. Importunity - 4. Troublesome pertinacity in solicitation. 1526 Tindale Luke xi. 8 Because of hys importunite he woll ryse and geve hym as many as he nedeth. b. Just keep pestering God until He gives you your desire (if it is according to His will). x. Pray to prevent temptation (Mat 26:41). xi. Always give thanks to God (1Th 5:18; Eph 5:20; Ecc 7:14).