Heaven (Part 20) - Will We Pray in Heaven? Does Behavior Here Affect Life in Heaven?


Heaven (Part 20) - Will We Pray in Heaven? Does Behavior Here Affect Life in Heaven? 28. Will we continue to pray in heaven? (Judy) A. Pray v. - I. trans. with personal object. 1. To ask earnestly, humbly, or supplicatingly, to beseech; to make devout petition to; to ask (a person) for something as a favour or act of grace; esp. in religious use, to make devout and humble supplication to (God, or an object of worship). arch. III. 5. intr. To make earnest request or petition; to make entreaty or supplication; esp. to present petitions to God, or to an object of worship. a. simply. To offer prayer, to engage in prayer. B. Prayer n. - 1. a. A solemn and humble request to God, or to an object of worship; a supplication, petition, or thanksgiving, usually expressed in words. C. Praying is making a request to God. i. Therefore, the martyrs in heaven were praying when they asked God how long it would be until He judged their persecutors and avenged their blood on them (Rev 6:10). ii. We thus have at least one example of saints in heaven praying to God. D. In the new earth (Isa 65:17), the LORD promises that "before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear" (Isa 65:24). i. We will be doing many things in heaven (see Section X, 24 - What will we do in heaven?) and will not be in God's immediate presence at all times (God is omnipresent, yet we are not in His immediate presence on this earth). ii. Therefore, I think it's reasonable to conclude that we will be praying to God throughout our days, staying in constant communion with God. E. It is possible that God's children in heaven pray for those on earth. i. Randy Alcorn made the following observation regarding this possibility. ii. "Christ, the God-man, is in Heaven, at the right hand of God, interceding for people on Earth (Romans 8:34), which tells us there is at least one person who has died and gone to Heaven and is now praying for those on Earth. The martyrs in Heaven also pray to God (Revelation 6:10), asking him to take specific action on Earth. They are praying for God's justice on the earth, which has intercessory implications for Christians now suffering here. The sense of connection and loyalty to the body of Christ―and concern for the saints on Earth―would likely be enhanced, not diminished, by being in Heaven (Ephesians 3:15). In any case, Revelation 6 makes it clear that some who have died and are now in Heaven are praying concerning what's happening on Earth." (Randy Alcorn, Heaven, p. 71) 29. Does our behavior in this life affect what we do or where we live in heaven? (Austin) A. Yes, it does. B. The parable of the talents teaches that there will be rewards in heaven based on how we used the talents God gave us while on earth (Mat 25:14-30). i. The parable is a parable to the kingdom of heaven which is the NT church (Mat 25:14). ii. During the NT church times, Jesus went into a far country (heaven) and delivered varying amounts of talents to His servants and expected them to use them to the best of their ability (Mat 25:14-15). iii. Two of the servants used what they had been given to the best of their ability, and one did nothing with his (Mat 25:16-18). iv. After a long time, Jesus will return at His second coming and there will be a day or reckoning (Mat 25:19). v. The servants that wisely used their talents and doubled what they were given will be told by Jesus that "I will make thee ruler over many things" (Mat 25:20-23). a. The many things that faithful servants will be made ruler of must be things in heaven (the new earth) since this reward is given when Christ returns. b. Jesus shall reward every man according to his works at His second coming (Mat 16:27). c. We will be recompensed for the good we did for people at the resurrection of the just (Luk 14:14). vi. The servant that did nothing with the talent he was given was cast into outer darkness (Mat 25:30). vii. Our behavior on earth has eternal consequences. C. The parable of the pounds likewise shows a correlation between how we serve God in this life and the rewards we receive in heaven (Luk 19:12-27). i. The parable of the pounds is similar, but not identical, to the parable of the talents. ii. In the parable of the pounds 10 servants are each given a pound of money when their master (Christ) went into a far country (heaven) to receive a kingdom (Luk 19:12-13). iii. When He returned (Christ's second coming) He reckoned with the servants to see what they had gained by trading (Luk 19:15). a. The first servant gained 10 pounds by trading, and because of that he was given authority over 10 cities (Luk 19:16-17). b. The second servant gained 5 pounds, and was therefore given authority over 5 cities (Luk 19:18-19). c. Since these rewards are given at the return of Christ, the cities that the servants were given rule over must be cities in heaven on the new earth. (i) While on earth Abraham looked for a city whose builder and maker is God (Heb 11:10). (ii) God has prepared a city for us in heaven (Heb 11:16). (iii) There will be cities in heaven that Christians who were faithful while on earth will have authority over. (iv) It would stand to reason that they will live in the cities that they are given rule over. d. Jesus also said that to him that overcomes and keeps His words to the end He will give power over the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron (Rev 2:26-27). e. So our behavior on earth will have a direct affect on what we do in heaven and where we will live. iv. The man that did nothing with his pound had it taken away from him, and he was not given authority over any city (Luk 19:20-26). v. What we do on earth has eternal consequences. D. There will be at least two Christians who will be sitting on Christ's right and left hands in heaven (Mat 20:21). i. God will decide who will fill these most important positions (Mat 20:23). ii. It is reasonable to conclude that God's choice will be made based on the faithfulness and obedience of the men chosen. iii. Jesus said that he that overcomes will be granted to sit with Him in His throne (Rev 3:21). E. If we give up whatever is necessary to follow Christ in this life we will have treasure in heaven (Mar 10:21). F. What we do in this life affects what we will have in heaven.
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