Fruit of the Spirit (Part 2) - Joy, Peace

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Fruit of the Spirit (Part 2) - Joy, Peace For the outline and the rest of the sermons in this series, click here: Fruit of the Spirit To listen to or watch the previous sermon in the series, click here: (Part 1) To listen to or watch the next sermon in the series, click here: (Part 3) 2. Joy n. - 1. a. A vivid emotion of pleasure arising from a sense of well-being or satisfaction; the feeling or state of being highly pleased or delighted; exultation of spirit; gladness, delight. A. Joy is an attribute of God (Zep 3:17), and therefore is a fruit of the Spirit who is God (1Jo 5:7). B. The Spirit of God dwelling in us should bring joy in our hearts. C. The joy of the LORD is our strength (Neh 8:10). D. The kingdom of God is righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost (Rom 14:17). E. Christians should rejoice always (Php 4:4; 1Th 5:16), even in tribulations (Jam 1:2-3) and persecutions (Luk 6:22-23). F. We can always rejoice in our salvation even though we are in sometimes in sorrow because of temptations (1Pe 1:4-6). G. Even when sorrowful and poor, a Christian should always be rejoicing (2Co 6:10). H. Those that have not joy in their hearts are not manifesting that the Spirit of God is dwelling in them. 3. Peace n. - 1. a. Freedom from, or cessation of, war or hostilities; that condition of a nation or community in which it is not at war with another. A. Peace is a fundamental attribute of God (Rom 15:33), and therefore is a fruit of the Spirit who is God (1Jo 5:7). B. Prior to the Holy Ghost regenerating a man's spirit and indwelling him, he was at enmity with God (Rom 8:7) and not at peace with men (Rom 3:17). i. Enmity n. - 1. The disposition or the feelings characteristic of an enemy; ill-will, hatred. ii. Before being saved by God, he hated both God and others (Tit 3:3). C. Jesus made peace between God and the elect by dying on the cross (Rom 5:10; Col 1:20-22). D. Jesus came that we might have peace (Joh 14:27; Joh 16:33). E. By making us righteous (2Co 5:21), Jesus makes us to be at peace and to enjoy quietness (Isa 32:17-18). F. The key to finding peace within ourselves. i. If you are laboring under the burden of sin and worry, come unto to Jesus and surrender your will to His, and He will give you peace and rest (Mat 11:28-30) and lead you by the still waters (Psa 23:2). ii. Joy and peace are found in believing the gospel (Rom 15:13). iii. Acquaint yourself with God and you will be at peace (Job 22:21). a. Know Jesus, know peace; no Jesus, no peace. b. If you don't spend time in God's word getting to know Him, you will not have inner peace. iv. Peace in the Holy Ghost is found in the church which is the kingdom of God (Rom 14:17). v. If you have not yet been baptized and added to the church, it is no wonder if you are not at peace. vi. If you want to have the peace of the Holy Ghost, strive to live uprightly (Psa 37:37). vii. If you are not at peace, consider your ways and do some introspection to see if you are living uprightly. viii. When our ways please the LORD, even our enemies will be at peace with us (Pro 16:7). ix. If you have enemies that are causing you turmoil, search your soul to see if your ways are pleasing to the LORD. x. Keeping God's commandments will bring long life and peace (Pro 3:1-2). a. If you are worried about dying young, keep God's commandments. b. If you lack peace in your soul, inspect your heart to see if you are breaking or rejecting God's commandments. xi. Those that love God's law will have great peace and not be easily offended (Psa 119:165). xii. If you are easily offended, you need to spend more time reading the Bible. xiii. The paths of wisdom are peace (Pro 3:17). xiv. If you don't have peace, go to the Bible to learn to walk in wisdom. xv. Keep your mind stayed on God and you will have perfect peace (Isa 26:3; Psa 29:11). xvi. If your mind is pulled in a million different directions and not fixed on God, you will not have peace. G. Those whose lives are in turmoil and conflict are not manifesting that the Spirit of God is dwelling in them.