Isaiah 40 (Part 01) - Isa 40:1 - When God Repeats Himself

Watch the video of this Bible study on YouTube: Isaiah 40 (Part 01) - Isa 40:1 - When God Repeats Himself For a master copy of the outline and the other sermons in the series, click here: Isaiah 40. To listen to the next sermon in the series, click here: Part 2 Isaiah 40 I. Isaiah 40 is a rich chapter which speaks of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, the glory of God, the worthlessness of man, the foolishness of idolatry, cosmology, and encouragement to the saints. II. The book of Isaiah has 66 chapters which have an interesting correspondence to the 66 books of the Bible. 1. The 40th chapter of Isaiah would correspond with Matthew, the first book of the NT. 2. Isaiah 40 gives a prophesy of John the Baptist (Isa 40:3) who was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, the account of which is first given by Matthew in the NT (Mat 3:1-3). 3. The 66th chapter of Isaiah ends with a prophesy of the new heavens and new earth (Isa 66:22), as does Revelation, the last book of the NT (Rev 21:1). Isa 40:1-11 - A Prophecy of the Messiah III. Isa 40:1 1. This chapter opens up with God telling His people to "comfort ye, comfort ye" (Isa 40:1). 2. Comfort v. - 1. trans. To strengthen (morally or spiritually); to encourage, hearten, inspirit, incite. 3. The LORD emphasizes His injunction to His people for them to strengthen and encourage themselves by repeating Himself. 4. Pay attention when God repeats himself, as He never wastes words. 5. Consider some other times when God repeats Himself: A. "Holy, holy, holy..." (Isa 6:3) B. "Verily, verily..." (Joh 5:24; Joh 8:58; etc.) C. "Jerusalem, Jerusalem..." (Mat 23:37) D. "I have seen, I have seen..." (Act 7:34) E. "Abraham, Abraham..." (Gen 22:11) F. "Samuel, Samuel..." (1Sa 3:10) G. "Martha, Martha..." (Luk 10:41) H. "Saul, Saul..." (Act 9:4) I. "Altar, altar..." (1Ki 13:2) J. "Earth, earth, earth..." (Jer 22:29) K. "Overturn, overturn, overturn..." (Eze 21:27) L. "For he cometh, for he cometh..." (Psa 96:13) M. "Woe, woe, woe..." (Rev 8:13) 6. When God repeats Himself, He is either getting our attention, drawing our focus to something important, or pronouncing a judgment upon someone. 7. In this case, God wants His people to take heed to His commandment to strengthen, encourage, and hearten themselves because of what He says next.