Suffering and Deliverance (Part 8) - Why God Allows Us to Suffer (Part G)


10. making us identify with the sufferings of Jesus Christ A. When we suffer for Christ, we identify with Him and know Him in a way that we could not otherwise know Him (Php 3:10). i. We have fellowship with Christ in His suffering when we suffer for Him. ii. Fellowship n. - 1. a. Partnership; membership of a society. Also, in political sense, alliance. Obs. b. Participation, sharing (in an action, condition, etc.); ‘something in common’, community of interest, sentiment, nature, etc. iii. We are made conformable unto His death (Php 3:10) when we die to ourselves (Rom 6:6-8; Gal 2:20; Gal 5:24; Gal 6:14) and are willing to die for Him (Act 20:24; Act 21:13; 2Ti 4:6). iv. Conformable adj. - 1. According in form or character to (a standard or pattern); similar, resembling, like. Const. to. B. The more we suffer for Christ, the more our consolation abounds (2Co 1:5). i. Consolation n. - 1. The action of consoling, cheering, or comforting; the state of being consoled; alleviation of sorrow or mental distress. ii. Abound v. - 1. To be present in overflowing measure; to be plentiful; to prevail widely. iii. It seems counterintuitive that suffering for Christ would bring us alleviation of sorrow and mental distress, but it makes sense when we realize that suffering for Christ draws us closer to Christ. C. When God allows us to be troubled on every side, perplexed, persecuted, and cast down we bear about in our body the dying of the Lord Jesus because we are suffering as He did (2Co 4:8-10). i. Troubled ppl. - 1. Physically agitated; of the sea, sky, etc., stormy; of water, wine, etc., stirred up so as to diffuse the sediment, made thick or muddy, turbid. 2. Disturbed; disquieted; disordered; agitated; afflicted. a. Jesus was troubled on every side. (i) His natural brethren caused Him grief (Joh 7:3-5). (ii) His disciples caused Him grief (Mat 17:14-20; Mat 26:51-54). (iii) His followers caused His life to disquieted (Mar 6:31-33; Mar 5:25-31). (iv) The Pharisees caused Him grief (Luk 11:53-54). (v) The authorities caused Him grief (Luk 13:31-32; Joh 19:1-3). b. When we are troubled on every side, we are identifying with the sufferings of Jesus. ii. Perplexed ppl. - 1. Of a person: Involved in doubt or anxiety on account of the intricate character of the matter under consideration; bewildered, puzzled: see perplex v. 1. a. Jesus was amazed (Mar 14:33). b. Amazed adj. - 1. Driven stupid; stunned or stupefied, as by a blow; out of one's wits. 2. Bewildered, confounded, confused, perplexed. Of things: Thrown into confusion. c. Jesus marveled (Mar 6:6). (i) Marvel v. - 1. intr. To be filled with wonder or astonishment; to be struck with surprise. (ii) Wonder n. - II. 7. a. The emotion excited by the perception of something novel and unexpected, or inexplicable; astonishment mingled with perplexity or bewildered curiosity. d. When we are perplexed, we are identifying with the sufferings of Jesus. iii. Persecute v. - 1. To pursue, chase, hunt, drive (with missiles, or with attempts to catch, kill, or injure). Obs. 2. To pursue with malignancy or enmity and injurious action; esp. to oppress with pains and penalties for the holding of a belief or opinion held to be injurious or heretical. a. Jesus was persecuted (Joh 5:16; Joh 15:20). b. When we are persecuted, we are identifying with the sufferings of Jesus. iv. Cast down - a. Jesus was man of sorrows (Isa 53:3). b. He experienced extreme heaviness (Mar 14:33). c. Heavy adj. - VII. Weighed down mentally or physically. 27. a. ‘Weighed down’ with sorrow or grief; sorrowful, sad, grieved, despondent. d. When we are cast down and depressed, we are identifying with the sufferings of Jesus. D. If we suffer physically in our flesh by being whipped, beaten, etc. which leaves scars on our bodies like Paul, we bear in our bodies the marks of the Lord Jesus (Gal 6:17). i. Jesus suffered bodily and was left with scars. a. Jesus' hands, feet, and side (Luk 24:39; Joh 20:25, 27) and back (Isa 50:6; Joh 19:1) were scarred. b. Jesus' face was scarred. (i) He was struck in the face (Luk 22:64), crowned with a crown of thorns (Mar 15:17), and had his beard plucked off (Isa 50:6) leaving his visage marred more than any man (Isa 52:14). (ii) Visage n. - 1. The face, the front part of the head, of a person (iii) Marred ppl. - c. Disfigured, mutilated. ii. Paul suffered the afflictions of Christ in his flesh for the sake of Christ's church (Col 1:24). iii. We, like many, have never resisted unto blood (Heb 12:4). iv. But if God ever allows that to happen to us, we will be especially close to the Lord Jesus. E. When we suffer for Christ we are made partakers of Christ's sufferings (1Pe 4:12-14). i. This draws us close to Jesus having had a similar experience with Him. ii. Jesus said if they persecuted Him they would persecute us (Joh 15:20). iii. When we suffer persecution for our faith in Christ we have assurance that we belong to Him (2Ti 2:12). 11. being a witness for Jesus through our suffering (2Co 4:11) A. When God allows us to suffer for Christ we make the life of Jesus manifest in our suffering. B. Manifest adj. - 1. a. Clearly revealed to the eye, mind, or judgement; open to view or comprehension; obvious. C. When we suffer for Christ, we show the world that Jesus Christ is the Living God. 12. learning obedience A. Jesus Christ learned obedience by the things He suffered (Heb 5:7-8). B. So obedient was Jesus that He obeyed the Father even unto death (Php 2:8). C. God likewise will make us suffer that we may learn to obey Him. 13. obtaining a blessing in this life and a reward in the next A. When we are persecuted for righteousness' sake and for Christ's sake we are blessed now and have a great reward awaiting us in heaven (Mat 5:10-12). B. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us (Rom 8:18). C. Never forget that God has a purpose in our suffering, and it is ultimately for our good.
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