Proverbs 7:3 (Mini Sermon)


3. Pro 7:3 - "Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart." A. Bind them upon thy fingers, i. The commandments and the law of God (Pro 7:2) are to bound to us. a. Bind v. - I. To tie fast. 1. a. trans. To make fast with a tie; to fasten, tie up. b. To tie fast to (on, upon). b. In other words the scriptures are to be with us at all times as if they were tied to us. ii. God's commandments are to be bound to three different parts of our person: a. Our neck (Pro 3:3). (i) Our neck signifies the place on our person that is most easily seen. (ii) It is not normally covered with clothing, and it is near the face which is the area of the body that is most often looked at. (iii) Binding the law of God around our necks is symbolic of letting our light shine to others as we live according to God's precepts. b. Our heart (Pro 6:21). (i) Our heart signifies our inward man consisting of our will, intellect, and emotions (see notes on Pro 6:21). (ii) Binding the law of God on our hearts signifies that it is in our memories and is a vital part of our inner lives. c. Our fingers/hands (Pro 7:3; Deut 6:8). (i) Our fingers and hands signify our work and vocation (Psa 8:3; Act 20:34). (ii) They are also symbolic of our spiritual warfare (Psa 144:1 c/w 2Co 10:4-5). (iii) Binding the law of God on our fingers and hands signifies that our work and warfare are done according to the word of God. (iv) Our fingers and hands are also visible to us nearly at all times (unlike our own necks), so binding God's commandments to them is symbolic of having the scriptures ever in front of our eyes. B. write them upon the table of thine heart. i. Writing the commandments of God upon our hearts is another way of saying to hide them in our hearts (Psa 119:11; Psa 37:31). ii. When the scriptures are written upon our hearts we can then think and talk of God's word at any time throughout the day (Deut 6:6-7). iii. Therefore, they are ever with us to guide us whether we have a Bible in front of us or not (Pro 6:22).
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