Proverbs 7:20 (Mini Sermon)


20. Pro 7:20 - "He hath taken a bag of money with him, and will come home at the day appointed." A. He hath taken a bag of money with him, i. The fact that he took a bag of money with him would indicated the following: a. He is wealthy, and therefore so is his wife. b. He is most likely going to be gone for a while, else he would have only taken a pocket full of coins. ii. These things would be additional reasons for the young man to give in to the strange woman's advances. iii. Notice she didn't say he had taken his wallet, his credit card, or his smartphone with him, but rather a bag of money. a. This is because in those days people used real money, such as gold and silver (Gen 23:16; 2Ki 23:35). b. If a man were to take a large amount of money with him for a long trip, it would require a bag, not a pocket or a wallet (Gen 42:35; Isa 46:6). c. This is further evidence that she and her husband were wealthy, and therefore she is not a cheap whore. B. and will come home at the day appointed. i. Appointed ppl. - 1. Fixed by agreement; settled beforehand. ii. Her husband had set a date ahead of time for his return. iii. Though she didn't reveal what the date was, the implication was that he would not be home for a while so there was no chance of getting caught. iv. This assurance would have eased any apprehension the young man might have had.
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