Proverbs 7:10 (Mini Sermon)


10. Pro 7:10 - "And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart." A. And, behold, i. Behold int. - The imperative of the preceding verb, used to call attention; ii. Solomon is calling his son's attention to one of the most obvious indicators that a woman is a whore: her clothing. B. there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, i. Attire n. - 1. Equipment of man or horse, outfit for war. 2. Personal adornment, or decoration; ‘get up.’ Also (with pl.) an ornament. Obs. 3. Dress, apparel. ii. Harlot n. - 1. A vagabond, beggar, rogue, rascal, villain, low fellow, knave. In later use (16–17th c.), sometimes a man of loose life, a fornicator; also, often, a mere term of opprobrium or insult. Obs. 5. Applied to a woman. a. As a general term of execration. c. spec. An unchaste woman; a prostitute; a strumpet. (Very frequent in 16th c. Bible versions, where Wyclif had hoore, whore; prob. as a less offensive word.) iii. Prostitutes wear revealing, sexually provocative clothing. a. They wear low-cut shirts which show their cleavage. b. They wear short shirts which show their mid-section. c. They wear mini-skirts and short shorts which show their thighs. d. They wear tight clothing which shows the contours of their bodies. e. In other words, prostitutes dress like a lot of American women dress today. iv. A Christian woman should never wear clothing that shows her cleavage, belly, or thighs, or clothing that is extremely tight so that the contours of her body can be clearly seen. v. Men, if you see a woman dressed like this, stay away from her (Pro 5:8). a. What a woman says outwardly reveals what is in her heart (Luk 6:45). b. Likewise what a woman wears reveals what is in her heart. c. A godly, submissive woman with a meek and quiet spirit wears modest clothing which doesn't draw attention to herself (1Pe 3:2-6). d. An ungodly, unchaste, loud, stubborn woman dresses immodestly to draw attention to herself (Pro 7:10-11). e. If a woman dresses immodestly showing cleavage, thighs, etc. then there is a high likelihood that she is not a godly woman vi. Christian women should be adorned in modest apparel (1Ti 2:9). a. Modest adj. - 3. Of women, their attributes and behaviour: Governed by the proprieties of the sex; decorous in manner and conduct; not forward, impudent, or lewd; ‘shamefast’. Hence (in later use also of men), scrupulously chaste in feeling, language, and conduct; shrinking from coarse or impure suggestion. b. Of female attire: Decent, not meretricious. b. Meretricious adj. - 1. Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a harlot; having the character of a harlot. c. Therefore, Christian women should not be dressing like a harlot. C. and subtil of heart. i. Subtle adj. - 1. Of thin consistency, tenuous; not dense, rarefied; hence, penetrating, pervasive or elusive by reason of tenuity (now chiefly of odours). 5. Of immaterial things: Not easily grasped, understood, or perceived; intricate, abstruse. 10. Of persons or animals: Crafty, cunning; treacherously or wickedly cunning, insidiously sly, wily. Obs. ii. A strange woman is elusive and not always easy to identify. iii. She is crafty, wickedly cunning, insidiously sly, and wily. iv. She is crafty and deceitful like her father the devil (2Co 11:3). v. Her ways are moveable that thou canst not know them (Pro 5:6). vi. Her heart is full of snares and nets which she uses to catch unsuspecting men (Ecc 7:26). vii. A wise man will stay far away from her (Pro 7:24-27).
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