Proverbs 5:19 (Mini Sermon)


19. Pro 5:19 - "Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love." A. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; i. A man's wife should be as the loving hind. a. Loving adj. - 1. a. That loves; affectionate. b. Hind n. - 1. The female of the deer, esp. of the red deer; spec. a female deer in and after its third year. c. A man should get love and affection from his wife. d. A loving hind gives goodly words (Gen 49:21). (i) Goodly adj. - 1. Of good appearance; good-looking, well-favoured or proportioned; comely, fair, handsome. (ii) Conversely, a strange woman gives flattering words (Pro 6:24). e. Hinds have swift feet that take them to high places (Psa 18:33; Hab 3:19). f. The lovers of the hinds leap upon the mountains and skip upon the hills chasing them which is why they are used to symbolize a husband in wife who are in love (Son 2:6-9). g. Hart n. - 1. The male of the deer, esp. of the red deer; a stag; spec. a male deer after its fifth year. ii. A wife should be as the pleasant roe. a. Pleasant adj. - 1. Having the quality of giving pleasure; originally synonymous with pleasing, but now used more vaguely: Agreeable to the mind, feelings, or senses; such as one likes. 2. Of persons or their attributes: Having pleasing manners, demeanour, or aspect; agreeable, cheerful, good-humoured. b. Roe n. - 1. A small species of deer (Capreolus capr├Ža, formerly Cervus capreolus) inhabiting various parts of Europe and Asia; a deer belonging to this species. c. A wife's breasts are likened unto roes in scripture (Son 4:5; Son 7:3). d. A man's wife should be pleasing to him, and if she is he will be much less tempted to look to another woman for happiness. B. let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; i. Breast n. - 1. a. Each of the two soft protuberances situated on the thorax in females, in which the milk is secreted for the nourishment of their young; the mamma; ii. Protuberance n. - 1. The fact or condition of being protuberant; bulging out or projecting in a rounded form. iii. Satisfy v. - II. With reference to feelings or needs. 4. trans. To meet or fulfil the wish or desire or expectation of; to be accepted by (a person, his taste, judgement, etc.) as all that could be reasonably desired; to content. iv. There is something about the two soft protuberances on the thorax of a man's wife that fulfills his wishes and desires and contents him. a. Among other things, they make good pillows (Son 1:13). b. Men are enamored by women's breasts (Son 7:3; Son 7:7-8). c. Especially big ones (Son 8:10). d. Women need to understand this so that they can please their husbands and protect themselves from lusting whoremongers. v. A wife's breasts should satisfy her husband at all times. a. This means that a husband should only look to his wife's breasts alone for his satisfaction. b. This also means that a wife should make her breasts available to her husband for his satisfaction at all times. c. So ladies, if your husband can't keep his eyes and hands off of your breasts, don't be irritated at him because he is just obeying the word of God! vi. A wife's breasts are to only satisfy her husband and no other, so women should keep their breasts entirely covered up when in public (1Ti 2:9). vii. The strange woman exposes hers to attract men (Pro 7:10). C. and be thou ravished always with her love. i. Ravished ppl. - 1. Carried away by force; violated; ravaged. ii. While it is sin for two unmarried people to "get carried away" in their passion with each other, it is perfectly pure for husband and wife to do so (Heb 13:4). a. A husband's lust should be excited by his wife's love so that he can't control himself around her. b. A wife should ravish the heart of her husband just by looking at him the right way (Son 4:9). iii. A husband should be ravished always with her love and no other's. iv. A godly wife must always be ready to render due benevolence to her husband in the bedroom (and he to her likewise) so that he will not be tempted to sin (1Co 7:3-5).
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