Proverbs 4:5 (Mini Sermon)


5. Pro 4:5 - "Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth." A. Get wisdom, get understanding: i. This is an imperative sentence. ii. It is not a suggestion, but a command. iii. It doesn't say: a. It's a good idea to get wisdom and understanding. b. You should consider getting wisdom and understanding. c. Hope for wisdom and understanding. d. I want you to get wisdom and understanding. iv. Wisdom and understanding a. Wisdom n. - 1. a. Capacity of judging rightly in matters relating to life and conduct; soundness of judgement in the choice of means and ends; sometimes, less strictly, sound sense, esp. in practical affairs: opp. to folly. b. Understanding n. - 1. a. (Without article.) Power or ability to understand; intellect, intelligence. b. of understanding, intelligent, capable of judging with knowledge. Similarly of some, of no, understanding. c. With the: The faculty of comprehending and reasoning; the intellect. c. Understand v. - 1. To comprehend; to apprehend the meaning or import of; to grasp the idea of. b. To be thoroughly acquainted or familiar with (an art, profession, etc.); to be able to practise or deal with properly. c. To apprehend clearly the character or nature of (a person). Also refl. 2. To comprehend by knowing the meaning of the words employed; to be acquainted with (a language) to this extent. b. To grasp the meaning or purport of the words (or signs) used by (a person). II. intr. 10. To have comprehension or understanding (in general or in a particular matter). v. It requires effort and planning to get wisdom and understanding. a. Get v. - I. trans. To obtain, procure. 1. a. To obtain possession of (property, etc.) as the result of effort or contrivance. (i) Effort n. - 1. Power: also, pl. powers, properties. Obs. 2. a. A strenuous putting forth of power, physical or mental; a laborious attempt; a struggle. (ii) Contrivance n. - 1. The action of contriving or ingeniously endeavouring the accomplishment of anything; the bringing to pass by planning, scheming, or stratagem; manœuvring, plotting; deceitful practice. b. Substituting the definitions into the verse, we learn that we need to exert mental effort and intentionally plan to obtain the ability to comprehend the word of God, and then use it to exercise sound judgment to make good decisions in our lives. vi. How do we get wisdom and understanding? a. It is through God's precepts that we get understanding (Psa 119:104). b. Wisdom comes from God's mouth (His word) (Pro 2:6). c. In order to get wisdom and understanding, we need to read and study the Bible regularly and earnestly pray to God for understanding of it (Pro 2:1-5; Jam 1:5-7). vii. The importance of getting wisdom and understanding. a. So important it is to get wisdom and understanding that Solomon repeated it (Pro 4:7). b. It is better to get wisdom and understanding than gold and silver (Pro 16:16). c. Wisdom and understanding are unique in the book or Proverbs because they are the only things in the entire book that Solomon imperatively commands us to "get." B. forget it not; i. Just as important as getting wisdom is not forgetting it. ii. Forget v. - 1. trans. To lose remembrance of; to cease to retain in one's memory. iii. Forgetting God's commandments will lead us into sin and false worship (Deut 4:23). iv. If we forget God's word, we will forget the LORD Himself (Deut 8:11). v. We must be continually taught the word of God and teach it to our children to prevent us and them from forgetting it (Psa 78:4-7). vi. If we delight in God's word, we will not forget it (Psa 119:16). vii. Being small and weak is no excuse for forgetting God's precepts (Psa 119:141). C. neither decline from the words of my mouth. i. Decline v. - 1. a. To turn or bend aside; to deviate (from the straight course); to turn away. 3. fig. a. To turn aside in conduct; esp. to swerve or fall away (from rectitude, duty, allegiance, instructions, etc.). ii. If we get wisdom and understanding and remember it by constant application in our lives, we will not fall away from God's commandments. iii. If we do so, we will not fall away even in times of persecution (Psa 119:157).