Proverbs (Part 121) - Pro 10:9


9. Pro 10:9 – "He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known." A. He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: i. Walking is used in a figurative sense in this verse to refer to living, or walking through life, in other words. a. Walk v. – 6. fig. a. Chiefly in religious use, after Bible examples: To conduct oneself, behave (ill or well, wisely or unwisely). Sometimes with reference to a metaphorical 'path' or 'way'. To walk with God (Gen. v. 22), interpreted to mean 'to lead a godly life' or to have intimate communion with God. b. To direct one's conduct by, after a rule, etc. b. The Bible elsewhere uses walk in this sense (Mar 7:5; Act 14:16; Rom 6:4; Rom 8:1). ii. Those who walk in life uprightly walk surely. a. Uprightly adv. – 1. In a just or upright manner; with strict observance of justice, honesty, or rectitude; sincerely, justly. b. Walking uprightly is conducting oneself honestly, justly, and sincerely. c. Walking uprightly is also characterized by: (i) walking honestly (Rom 13:13; 1Th 4:12). (ii) walking in the Spirit (Gal 5:16). (iii) walking in the good works which God before ordained for us (Eph 2:10). (iv) walking in the love of Christ (Eph 5:2). (v) walking circumspectly and wisely (Eph 5:15; Col 4:5). (vi) walking in the light in fellowship with the brethren and Christ (1Jo 1:7). (vii) walking after God's commandments (2Jo 1:6). (viii) walking in truth (3Jo 1:4). d. When we walk in this manner, we walk surely. (i) Surely adv. – 1. Without danger, or risk of injury, loss, or displacement; securely, safely; firmly. (ii) If you want to live with a sense of safety, security, and stability, it is accomplished by walking uprightly in wisdom (Pro 1:33; Pro 3:21-24). (iii) If we walk in the statues of life without committing sin, we will surely live (Eze 33:15). B. but he that perverteth his ways shall be known. i. The converse of walking uprightly is perverting one's ways. ii. Pervert v. – 1. trans. To turn upside down; to upset, overthrow; to subvert, ruin. 2. To turn aside from its right course, aim, etc. a. To turn aside from justice, right order, etc. iii. To pervert one's ways is to turn aside from the right way and head in the wrong direction spiritually (Job 33:27). iv. Fools pervert their way (Pro 19:3). v. Perverting one's ways is: a. walking as the unregenerate do (Eph 4:17; Php 3:18) b. walking after other gods (Deut 8:19). c. walking after the flesh (2Pe 2:10). d. walking after one's own lust (Jud 1:18). e. walking disorderly (2Th 3:11). f. walking in darkness (1Jo 1:6). vi. He who perverts his ways shall be known in different ways. a. Firstly, a fool is a spectacle to the public. (i) He cannot hide his foolishness because his words and actions declare to everyone he is a fool (Ecc 10:3; Pro 13:16). (ii) He let's everyone know what he's thinking (Pro 12:23; Pro 14:33). (iii) It's as if "fool" is written on his forehead. b. Secondly, God will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and make manifest the counsels of his heart (1Co 4:5). (i) His sin will find him out (Num 32:23). (ii) There is nothing hidden which shall not be known (Luk 12:1-3).
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