The following are links to sermons which explain the Biblical teaching on marriage and give practical advice.

Marriage (Part 1)

Marriage (Part 2)

Marriage (Part 3)

Five Love Languages (Part 1) - Biblical Love in Marriage

Five Love Languages (Part 2) - Learning To Speak Your Spouse's Love Language

His Needs, Her Needs (Part 1) - Affection, Conversation

His Needs, Her Needs (Part 2) - Openness & Honesty, Financial Support

His Needs, Her Needs (Part 3) - Family Commitment, Sexual Fulfillment

His Needs, Her Needs (Part 4) - Recreational Companionship, An Attractive Wife, Domestic Support, Admiration

Husbands, Love Your Wives

Not Easily Provoked (Part 1) - It's Dangerous And It's Always Wrong

Not Easily Provoked (Part 2) - Why We Become Easily Provoked and How to Stop

Adultery and Church Membership

Internet Pornography

Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Video Blogs

Masturbation: What Saith the Scripture?

My Interview on the PlannedIllusion Show: Feminism, Family, and the Collapse of Society - 3-4-2022

Should Christians Use Birth Control?

What Does God Consider to be Adultery?

What is Fornication?


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