Heaven (Part 17) - What Will We Do in Heaven? (Part B)


Heaven (Part 17) - What will we do in heaven? (Part B) F. Build houses i. Jesus went to heaven to prepare a place for us (Joh 14:2). a. Those places will be mansions in the our Father's house (Joh 14:2). b. Mansion n. - 1. The action of remaining, abiding, dwelling, or staying in a place. Phr. to have, keep, make, take (one's) mansion = to dwell, abide. Also, permanence or continuance in a position or state. 2. a. A place where one stays or dwells; a place of abode, an abiding-place. Now arch. b. (Chiefly pl.) A separate dwelling-place, lodging, or apartment in a large house or enclosure. c. The Father's house is (or at least will be after the resurrection) in the New Jerusalem where God will dwell with His children (Rev 21:1-3). (i) The place that Christ went to prepare for us is our permanent dwelling place after the resurrection because He said that He will come again and receive us unto Himself that we may be with Him where He is (Joh 14:3). (ii) It appears that this will be our primary residence in heaven. (iii) More will be said about the New Jerusalem later in this study. ii. In a prophecy of the new earth, it was said that God's people will build houses and inhabit them (Isa 65:17, 21). a. These could be somewhere within the city limits of the New Jerusalem. b. They could also be built outside of the city on the new earth. c. The nations will bring their treasures into the city which suggests that people will be living all over the new earth (Rev 21:24-26). d. If that is the case, there will be plenty of opportunity to build dwelling places. e. We will get to build houses, inhabit them, and enjoy the work of our hands (Isa 65:22). iii. We can conclude through reasoning that we will build houses throughout the new earth. a. Heaven (specifically the new earth) will be a restoration and a glorification of the original creation (see Section IX - The nature of the new earth). b. Adam and Eve were told to subdue the earth and have dominion over it (Gen 1:28). c. This would require them and their descendents to spread out throughout the earth to do so which would require building dwelling places where they went. d. In that the new earth will be a restoration of the original creation, we can reasonably conclude that we will do likewise on the new earth. iv. If we will build houses on the new earth, then we can reason out other things that we will do in heaven. a. If we build houses, that means that God is not going to do it for us. b. This means that there are likely other things that God is not going to do for us in heaven, but instead He will give us the ability and desire to do those things for ourselves. c. If we do the house-building, then it would be reasonable to conclude that people in heaven will have other jobs producing building materials such as boards, steel, cement, etc. d. This means that there would likely be tools and industrial equipment in heaven which people would presumably create by the work of their hands. e. If we build houses, why would we not build other things to meet our needs or desires? G. Eat, drink, and enjoy time with each other i. Eating has always been part of God's design for his children. a. In the original creation before the fall God gave Adam and Eve a wide variety of foods on the earth to eat and enjoy (Gen 1:29). b. They were told that they could freely eat of all the trees of the garden of Eden (Gen 2:16). c. Remember, heaven (specifically the new earth) will be a restoration and a glorification of the original creation (see Section IX - The nature of the new earth). d. Therefore, we should fully expect to enjoy food on the new earth. ii. Jesus, both before and after His resurrection, ate and enjoyed fellowship with friends and other people (Joh 12:1-2 c/w Joh 11:5; Luk 19:5-7; Luk 24:41-43; Joh 21:12-13). a. Jesus' resurrected body was the first fruits of the resurrection (1Co 15:20). b. We will be like Christ at His coming (1Co 15:21-23; 1Jo 3:2). c. If He enjoyed food with His disciples in His resurrected body, then we should expect to do the same in ours. iii. Jesus said that He would drink the fruit of the vine new with us in the kingdom of God (Mat 26:29). a. This will happen on the new earth in God's kingdom when all things are made new (Rev 21:5). b. There will be a marriage supper for the bride of Christ after the resurrection where we will eat and drink with Jesus (Rev 19:9). c. "Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God" (Luk 14:15). iv. God has given us food and drink to enjoy on this earth as a foretaste of what we will more fully enjoy in heaven (Ecc 2:24; Ecc 3:13). a. The tree of life in the New Jerusalem on the new earth will bare twelve manner of fruits which are for the redeemed to eat and enjoy (Rev 22:2, 14). b. There will also be the water of life that the elect my drink of freely (Rev 22:17). v. We will eat the fruit of our vineyards on the new earth (Isa 65:17, 21). a. There will be joy and gladness for the saints in heaven (Isa 35:10). b. Few things bring us more joy and gladness on earth than enjoying good food and fellowship with family and friends. c. Fellowship is most often accompanied by food. d. How much more must this be the case in heaven? H. Learn about God (see Question 27: Will we continue to learn in heaven?)
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