The following sermon series gives a thorough analysis of the Biblical teaching on deception. In this study you will learn the nature, methods, motivations, and characteristics of deceivers, how to identify and resist them, who their victims usually are, and how to understand and avoid self-deception.

Deception (Part 1) - Deceitfulness is in Our Nature

Deception (Part 2) - Be Not Deceived, The Nature of Deception

Deception (Part 3) - Victims of Deception, Characteristics of Deceivers

Deception (Part 4) - Satan the Great Deceiver (Part A)

Deception (Part 5) - Satan the Great Deceiver (Part B)

Deception (Part 6) - False Prophets and Teachers

Deception (Part 7) - Examples of Deceivers - Jacob and Laban

Deception (Part 8) - Methods of Deception (Part A)

Deception (Part 9) - Methods of Deception (Part B)

Deception (Part 10) - Methods of Deception (Part C)

Deception (Part 11) - Methods of Deception (Part D)

Deception (Part 12) - Methods of Deception (Part E) - Catholic Miracles

Deception (Part 13) - Methods of Deception (Part F) - Motivations for Deception

Deception (Part 14) - Self Deception (Part A)

Deception (Part 15) - Self Deception (Part B)

Deception (Part 16) - Resisting Deception (Part A)

Deception (Part 17) - Resisting Deception (Part B)

Deception (Part 18) - Godly Deception


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