Covid-19 Vaccines (Part 4) - What if You Lose Your Job for Refusing the Vaccine?


VII. What if you lose your job or suffer deprivation for refusing the Covid-19 "vaccine." 1. Anyone considering getting the Covid-19 "vaccine" should ask himself whether getting it is an act of faith or fear? A. Are you considering getting the "vaccine" as an act of faith, believing that God wants you to get it, or are you doing so in an act of fear because you are afraid of getting Covid-19, dying from Covid-19, losing your job, not being able to travel, not being able to socialize in public, or not being able to buy food and necessary things for yourself or your family? B. If you are motivated by fear to get the "vaccine", then you better consider your ways. C. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2Ti 1:7). D. When we are afraid of men who are oppressing us and trying to daily swallow us up, we need to trust in God, not in a "vaccine" (Psa 56:1-4). E. Even if an army of enemies gather against us, we must not fear (Psa 27:1-3). F. Resolve to be in God's house to worship Him each week and let God take care of protecting you (Psa 27:4-6). 2. God has promised to provide for your basic needs (Php 4:19; Psa 34:9-10; Psa 37:25; Psa 55:22; Pro 10:3; Isa 41:17; Mat 6:31-34). A. Do you believe that? i. Do you believe that God could provide you with another job if your employer fires you for refusing the Covid-19 "vaccine"? ii. Do you believe that God could provide you with a job or another source of income if the government cuts off your benefits for refusing the Covid-19 "vaccine"? iii. Do you believe that God could provide you with food if the grocery stores refuse you entry because you haven't gotten the Covid-19 "vaccine"? iv. Do you believe that God could make a way for you to see your family again if the airlines refuse you service because you haven't gotten the Covid-19 "vaccine"? B. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph 3:20). C. With God nothing shall be impossible (Luk 1:37). D. There will be Christians who make it through the last days during the reign of the beast until the last day when Christ returns to deliver them (1Th 4:16-17; Rev 20:9). E. But even if God does not decide to deliver us and lets us die as martyrs, we must be resolved that we will not receive the mark of the beast and worship his image (whatever it ends up being) (Dan 3:16-18). i. The LORD honored the resolve of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and saved them from death (Dan 3:26-28). ii. God can do the same for us if it is His will to do so. iii. What a time to be alive! Thank God for the privilege of serving in these trying times! F. If you are afraid or anxious, cast your cares upon the LORD (Php 4:6-7; 1Pe 5:7). 3. Another deprivation that refusing the vaccine could cause (and already has for some people) is loss of relationships with friends and family. A. If possible, try to live peaceably with all men (Rom 12:18; Heb 12:14), especially with brethren in the church (1Th 5:13). B. Unfortunately, sometimes firm stands that we take on principle, whether Biblical or on matters of conscience, do cause strife and division with family and friends (Mic 7:6; Luk 12:53; Mat 10:34-37). C. Remember that only by pride cometh contention (Pro 13:10; Pro 28:25), so try to be humble as you discuss your convictions when it comes to the Covid-19 "vaccine." D. Also remember that a soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger (Pro 15:1, 18; Pro 25:15). 4. Practical advice A. Get out of debt ASAP. B. Learn to live on less. C. Save money in case you need to go for an extended period without income. i. How many years could you go without income? a. For the vast majority of people the answer is "less than one" (and far less for most). b. If you are 18, this is understandable. c. If you are 70 (unless you are planning to die tomorrow), this is a serious problem. ii. How many months could you go without income? iii. If the answer is "not many", you better get saving. iv. Most Americans have very little money saved. a. "nearly one-in-four Americans have no emergency savings at all" (Nearly a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings, CNN Money, 6-20-2018) b. A quarter of Americans are a flat tire away from bankruptcy if they lose their jobs or government benefits. c. "More than half, 51%, of Americans have less than three months’ worth of emergency savings" (Over half of Americans have less than 3 months worth of emergency savings, CNBC, 7-28-2021) d. Half of Americans are less than three months away from bankruptcy if they lose their jobs or government benefits. e. This is very concerning. D. If you are a man who can work, get a job and start laying up for the future. E. If you think your job is at risk because of Covid-19 "vaccine" requirements, start taking steps to protect yourself. i. The first thing to do is nothing. Just wait and see if your employer says you need to get vaccinated before you tell him that you can't. ii. If the "vaccine" is mandated at your place of employment, submit a religious exemption letter to your employer. iii. If you work for a company with over 100 employees which is subject to Comrade Biden's executive order, look for a job at a small company that doesn't require a Covid "vaccine" and is not subject to the order. iv. If you want to keep your job at a large company, request to become a 1099 independent contractor instead of an employee. a. Explain to your employer that you could still do your job just as you do now as an employee and your responsibilities and commitment would not change. b. Explain that it would actually be easier for them because they won't have to pay payroll taxes, health insurance, workman's comp, unemployment insurance, etc. c. Just make sure that they agree to pay you enough so that you can pay the income tax, payroll taxes (Social Security, Medicare, etc.), health insurance, 401k contributions, and any other benefits your employer currently provides to you. d. If you go that route, be sure to save money from each paycheck and put it in a separate account to pay your income and payroll taxes with each quarter. F. If your health insurance is at risk of being canceled, or your premiums are going to be raised for being "unvaxxed", consider a health cost sharing program like Christian Healthcare Ministries ( G. Lay up dried or canned food just in case of emergency. H. Start gardening or at least buying produce from local sources and drying or canning it to learn to be self-sufficient. I. In other words, do a lot of the things I have been telling you to do for years. 5. "Everyone should examine their current employment and prepare for alternate work. Start reducing debt, build up savings, consider how to live without health insurance, and cut back on expenses. The fight for employment is just beginning; the better we position ourselves to weather the coming economic siege, the longer we can maintain self-sufficiency and freedom." (Andrew Skousen, World Affairs Brief, p. 14, 8-20-2021) 6. "We fear the insecurity of the unknown and won’t cut the ties ourselves especially when we are saddled with debt, monthly payments, and a family to feed. It is important not to cut lifelines like a good job too quickly, but when you are doing what is right and a door is closed on you, the Lord will often open a window. Stand by your conscience and the Lord will stand by you. You will not regret it in the long-term. When you walk away from bad choices (and don’t keep thinking about going back) you will feel relieved and free. Other pathways will open up, or you will find ways to lighten your burdens and debts. You can make do without a great many things." (Ibid, p. 13)
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