Video Blog - 21 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn't Vote for Joe Biden
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21 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn't Vote for Joe Biden

The following are 21 reasons why no Christian should vote for Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden becomes president, the following things will happen.

1. Abortion will remain legal and millions of children will be slaughtered.

2. The LGBT community will be supported by the federal government.

3. Gay marriage will remain legal.

4. Our gun rights will be assaulted.

5. We will have a big-spending president.

6. The government will run trillion dollar deficits for years and explode the national debt.

7. The president will support the Federal Reserve as it inflates the money supply with trillions of dollars created out of thin air which will devalue the dollar.

8. Interest rates will be at 0% and will cause malinvestments, create financial bubbles, destroy the incentive to save, and obliterate the retirements of our senior citizens.

9. The government will bail out everyone with money printed out of thin air.

10. Prices for everything will rise because of inflation.

11. The socialist programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, enhanced unemployment benefits, and stimulus checks will continue.

12. The country will become more socialist.

13. The wars will continue and countless thousands of people will be murdered overseas.

14. The US empire with its military bases in over 100 countries will continue to bankrupt us.

15. The country will be locked down, businesses will be forcibly closed, and healthy people will be quarantined and forced to wear masks because of a virus.

16. A COVID-19 vaccine will be fast tracked by the president, distributed by the military, and likely forced upon everyone.

17. The Supreme Court will rule that the State has the right to force churches to close.

18. The Supreme Court will rule that sodomites and transgender people are protected under the Civil Rights Act, and therefore Christians cannot discriminate against them when hiring.

19. The government will grow at break-neck speed.

20. A liar will be president.

21. An immoral man will be president.

Now I know what you're thinking.... "I'm a conservative Christian -- I would never vote for someone like that."

I agree. But do you realize that all 21 of those things are true of Trump's current presidency?

Think about it. Will you still vote for Trump?

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