What You Need to Know Before Joining Our Church (Part 2)


3. King James Version of the Bible A. The scriptures were given by the inspiration of God (2Ti 3:16). B. God promised to preserve His word forever (Psa 12:6-7; Mat 5:18; Mat 24:35). C. This requires doing so in copies and translations since the original autographs were destroyed millennia ago. D. The KJV was translated from the true text of the word of God in Greek (the Textus Receptus, otherwise called the Received Text, the Traditional Text, the Majority Text, the Syriac Text, the Byzantine Text, etc. which represents over 85% of the available Greek manuscripts) and Hebrew (the Masoretic Text) by scholars of impeccable credentials. E. The modern versions were translated from a corrupted text of the word of God (the Westcott and Hort text which came in large part from two highly corrupted Alexandrian manuscripts). F. By it's fruit, the KJV has proven itself to be the preserved word of God in the English language. G. See sermons and videos on the KJV and the modern bible versions. 4. Baptism A. There are five qualifications for a valid baptism: i. A proper administrator (validly ordained minister of a true NT church) (Mat 28:16-20) ii. A proper candidate (penitent believer) (Mat 3:5-8; Act 2:37-38; Act 8:12) iii. A proper belief (Jesus Christ is the Son of God) (Act 8:36-38) iv. A proper mode (immersion) (Rom 6:4-5; Joh 3:23; Mat 3:16) v. A proper result (addition to a true NT church) (Act 2:41-42; 1Co 12:13, 27) B. If a man's baptism did not meet these five requirements, then he must be re-baptized (or actually, he must be baptized for the first time). C. See sermons on Baptism. 5. Biblical creation A. God created the heavens and the earth and all that's in them in six literal 24-hour days (Gen 1; Exo 20:11). B. There was no death before sin (Rom 5:12), C. Therefore, the theories of evolution and theistic evolution which say that there was millions of years of death prior to man evolving is a lie. D. The earth is approximately 6,000 years old according to the chronology in the Bible. E. The theory of evolution is a lie with no scientific evidence to support it. F. See sermons on Creation vs. Evolution. 6. Baptist Church Perpetuity A. Our church has an unbroken lineage to the church that Jesus built. i. Jesus said that His church would never be destroyed (Mat 16:18). ii. This means that there has always been a true church of Jesus Christ on this earth at all times since the first coming of Christ. iii. Jesus ordained the apostles and committed the preaching of the gospel to them who then ordained other men and committed it to them who did likewise (2Ti 2:2; Tit 1:5). iv. This process of ordination continued down through time in true churches until today. v. The churches of Jesus Christ went by various names throughout history such as the Montanists, Novatians, Donatists, Paulicians, Albigenses, Paterines, Catharists, Petrobrussians, Henricians, Arnoldists, Waldenses, Anabaptists, English and Welsh Baptists, Regular Baptists, and Primitive Baptists. vi. Our church has come through the lineage of the Primitive Baptists through the Welsh Baptists in Wales. B. We are not Protestants i. True Baptist churches did not come out of the Protestant Reformation. ii. They (going by various names) predated the Roman Catholic Church by 300 years. iii. They existed along side the Roman Catholic Church for 1200 years prior to the Protestant Reformation. iv. They were the faithful churches that were brutally and mercilessly tortured and slaughtered by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years prior to the Reformation. v. They were the churches that were persecuted by the Protestants in Europe and America in the 16-18th centuries. vi. Any church that came out of the Protestant Reformation (including Reformed Baptists), or came from a church that did, are not true churches, but are reformed Catholic Churches. C. See sermons on Baptist Church History.