What it Would Have Been Like to Be Jesus (Part 2)


2. Jesus was a man who experienced all of the same emotions and troubles that we do. A. Consider the following emotions that Jesus experienced: i. Hunger (Mat 4:2) ii. Thirst (Joh 4:7) iii. Joy (Heb 12:2) iv. Love (Joh 11:5) v. Anger (Mar 3:5) vi. Sadness/tears (Joh 11:35) vii. Fatigue/weariness (Joh 4:6) viii. Social weariness (Mat 14:23; Mar 6:31) ix. Sighing (Mar 7:34; Mar 8:12). x. Frustration (Luk 9:41) xi. Anxiety (Luk 12:50) xii. Pain (Heb 13:12) xiii. Violence (Mar 10:34) xiv. Agony (Luk 22:44) xv. Near insanity (Mar 14:33) a. Amazed - 1. Driven stupid; stunned or stupefied, as by a blow; out of one's wits. b. Jesus was going crazy under the pressure of what He was going to face. xvi. Depression (Mat 26:37) a. Heavy adj. - VII. Weighed down mentally or physically. 27. a. ‘Weighed down’ with sorrow or grief; sorrowful, sad, grieved, despondent. b. Despondent adj. - 1. Characterized by loss of heart or resolution; labouring under mental depression; desponding. xvii. Grief (Isa 53:3) xviii. Trouble (Joh 12:27) xix. Fear (Heb 5:7) xx. Astonishment (Mar 6:6) a. Marvel v. - 1. intr. To be filled with wonder or astonishment; to be struck with surprise. b. Astonishment - 1. Loss of physical sensation, insensibility; paralysis, numbness, deadness. xxi. Being let down by friends (Mat 26:40) xxii. Being hated (Joh 15:24-25) B. Jesus experienced and overcame all of these difficult things as a man, not as a superman who was out of touch with the human experience. C. The difference between Jesus and us is that He never sinned when He endured all of life's difficulties (Heb 2:18; Heb 4:15). 3. Jesus was self-educated. A. He did not have formal theological training (Joh 7:14-15). B. Letter n.1 - II. Something written. 3. a. sing. Anything written; an inscription, document, text; a written warrant or authority. b. pl. Writings, written records. Obs. C. Jesus was intimately familiar with the word of God. i. He studied the scriptures from His youth up (Luk 2:46). ii. Jesus referred to the "scripture(s)" at least 11 times during His earthly ministry. iii. Jesus said "it is written" at least 19 times (some of these are duplicates in the different gospels). iv. Jesus referred to "the law" at least 14 times (some of these are duplicates in the different gospels). v. Jesus referred to the "word(s)" of God at least 27 times. D. God taught Him what He knew (He received revelation from God) (Joh 7:16-17). 4. Jesus' life changed dramatically when He was called by His Father into the ministry at about 30 years old. A. He went out into the wilderness to be baptized by His cousin John the Baptist in the Jordan river (Mar 1:4-5, 9). B. John knew that Jesus was not an ordinary man (Mat 3:11-14). C. When John baptized Him the Holy Ghost descended upon Him like a dove and the Father said from heaven that Jesus was His beloved Son (Mat 3:16-17). D. His persecution by Satan ensued (Mat 4:1). E. Jesus went from being an obscure carpenter to a famous traveling preacher (Mat 9:26, 31; Mat 14:1). F. He healed the sick and multitudes flocked to Him (Mat 4:24-25). G. He would never live a "normal" life again.