What it Would Have Been Like to Be Jesus (Part 1)


What it Would Have Been Like to Be Jesus I. The person of Jesus Christ 1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God (Luk 1:35). 2. He is God manifest in the flesh (Joh 1:14; 1Ti 3:16). 3. He is also a man (1Ti 2:5). 4. He lived a sinless life (1Pe 2:22). 5. He was sent to bare the sins of His people and save them (1Pe 2:24). 6. He fulfilled all that was written of Him (Luk 24:44). II. What would it have been like to know all those things about Himself? 1. We don't know when Jesus in His humanity became aware that He was the Son of God. 2. At 12 years old He knew that God was His Father and therefore that He was the Son of God (Luk 2:49). 3. He had been studying the scriptures and talking to the teachers of the law (Luk 2:46-47). 4. He would have likely known that He was sent to bear the sins of His people and to suffer on their behalf (Isa 53:4-5, 10-12). 5. Knowing this, He would likely have been a very serious child and a man of sorrows from early in life (Isa 53:2-3; Ecc 1:18). III. Consider the life of Jesus Christ and what is must have been like to be Him. 1. Jesus was a carpenter before He entered the ministry (Mar 6:3) at about 30 years old (Luk 3:21-23). A. He learned His carpentry skills from his step-father Joseph (Mat 13:55). B. What would that have been like? C. As a man, He didn't know everything, but had to learn things just like us (Heb 5:8). i. His early work would have not been perfect just as any man's work is not perfect when He is learning. ii. He would have been the best apprentice, always working diligently with a good and humble attitude. D. Jesus worked with his hands. i. He was not born into money (Lev 12:8 c/w Luk 2:22-24). ii. He was not born into earthly royalty. iii. He was a poor man while on this earth (2Co 8:9; Mat 8:20). iv. He didn't have a prestigious job. v. Nevertheless, He would have been diligent in His business and never slothful (Pro 14:23; Rom 12:11). vi. He would have experienced getting splinters in his hands or hitting his thumb with a hammer, but he would have never reacted sinfully (1Pe 2:22). vii. He might have had customers who were impatient when the job took longer than they thought it should have, but Jesus would have never responded unkindly to them (1Pe 2:23). E. Jesus would have had to balance His duty to work to provide for Himself (1Ti 5:8) with His deep desire to study the scriptures (Psa 119:97) and to be about His Father's business.