Vanity of Vanities, Saith the Preacher

Vanity of Vanities, Saith the Preacher I. "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity." (Ecc 1:2) II. Vanity, vanity. 1. Vanity - 1. a. That which is vain, futile, or worthless; that which is of no value or profit. 2. Vain adj. - I. 1. Devoid of real value, worth, or significance; idle, unprofitable, useless, worthless; of no effect, force, or power; fruitless, futile, unavailing. 3. Useless adj. - 1. Of things, actions, etc.: Destitute of useful qualities; serving no good end or profitable purpose; not answering or promoting the proposed or desired end; unserviceable, ineffectual, inutile. 4. Futile adj. - 1. Incapable of producing any result; failing utterly of the desired end through intrinsic defect; useless, ineffectual, vain. III. Life is vanity. 1. Life is full of labour and men's eyes are never satisfied (Ecc 1:8 c/w Pro 27:20; Ecc 4:7-8). 2. There's nothing new under the sun (Ecc 1:9). 3. Nobody will remember you when you're gone (Ecc 1:11; Ecc 2:16; Ecc 9:5; Job 24:20). 4. All things that are done under the sun are vanity and vexation of spirit (Ecc 1:14). 5. Vexation - 1. The action of troubling or harassing by aggression or interference (sometimes spec. by unjustifiable claims or legal action); the fact of being troubled or harassed in this way. 6. You can be the wisest and most knowledgeable person in the world (Ecc 1:16). A. But it will still all be vexation of spirit (Ecc 1:17). B. The more wisdom and knowledge you acquire, the more grief and sorrow you will have (Ecc 1:18). 7. Mirth, pleasure, and laughter are vanity (Ecc 2:1-2). 8. Houses, gardens, orchards, servants, great possessions, money, and entertainment are all vanity and without profit (Ecc 2:4-11). 9. The same things happen all. A. It matters not whether one is a wise man or a fool (Ecc 2:15). B. It matters not whether one is a just man or a wicked man (Ecc 7:15; Ecc 8:14). C. Whether righteous or wicked, clean or unclean, religious or profane, a good man or a sinner - all things happen alike to all (Ecc 9:2). D. All is vanity! 10. You work and save all your life only to leave it to someone else (Ecc 2:18). A. And he may turn out to be a fool who will squander all for which you worked so hard (Ecc 2:19). B. This is vanity! (Ecc 2:21) 11. There is wickedness in the courts and there is iniquity in the churches (Ecc 3:16). 12. Men act like beasts while they live and then they return to dust like beasts when they die (Ecc 3:18-20). 13. The poor are oppressed by the powerful and they have no comforter (Ecc 4:1). A. It's better to be dead! (Ecc 4:2) B. Better yet, it's better to have never been born! (Ecc 4:3) 14. When you do the right thing, you are envied of your neighbor (Ecc 4:4). 15. You labour to increase your goods, and all they are good for is to look at them (Ecc 5:11). 16. Though a man acquires much riches, he leaves this world naked as he came and can take none of it with him (Ecc 5:13-16). 17. God gives men riches, wealth, and honour, but gives it to another man to enjoy (Ecc 6:1-2). A. You can't have your cake and eat it too. B. This is vanity! 18. Man labours endlessly, but his appetite is never filled (Ecc 6:7) and the wise man has nothing over the fool (Ecc 6:8). 19. Our vain life is but a shadow (Ecc 6:12). A. It's a vapour (Jam 4:14). B. Our days are like the days of an hireling (Job 7:1). C. Not only are our days few, they are full of trouble! (Job 14:1) D. Man is born unto trouble (Job 5:7). E. Jacob summed it up well, "few and evil" are the days our lives (Gen 47:9). 20. Though a man try to understand the work of God, he shall not find it (Ecc 8:17). 21. The hearts of men are full of evil and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they die (Ecc 9:3). 22. Men don't get ahead in life by hard work and wisdom, but by mere chance (Ecc 9:11). 23. A reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy (Ecc 10:1). 24. Folly is set in dignity (Ecc 10:5-6). 25. The NSA hears our every word (Ecc 10:20). 26. Even if we live many years and rejoice in them all, it's still all vanity (Ecc 11:8). 27. Childhood and youth are vanity (Ecc 11:9-10). 28. Old age is vanity and evil (Ecc 12:1). A. You can't see (Ecc 12:2). B. You can't work (Ecc 12:3). C. You can't sleep or hear (Ecc 12:4). D. You lose your courage; you're scared to drive; you lose your strength and your sex drive (Ecc 12:5). E. And after that you die (Ecc 12:6-7). 29. "Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity." (Ecc 12:8). IV. Let us hear the conclusion. 1. Why not leave church and jump in front of a bus after hearing this sermon on the vanity of life? 2. Why live? 3. Because your life is not your own, you were bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit (1Co 6:19-20). 4. Present your body as a living sacrifice to God which is your reasonable service (Rom 12:1). 5. "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." (Ecc 12:13)
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