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For a paperback book in outline form which addresses over 150 difficult verses that Arminians use against Sovereign Grace, check out: Problem Texts for Sovereign Grace: Rooting Arminianism Out of Every Verse.

A copy of the indented outline in both MS Word and PDF formats can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Sermon Series

The "Two Everythings" Sermon Series is an expanded and more in depth version of the Video Blog series.

Video Blog Series

The "Two Everythings" Video Blog Series is shorter version of the sermon series.

Two Salvations

Two Justifications

Two Forgivenesses

Two Reconciliations

Two Sanctifications

Two Purifications

Two Callings

Two Comings to God

Two Knowings of God

Two Receivings of the Spirit

Two Damnations

Two Perishings

Two Deaths

Two Resurrections

Two Israels


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