There's a War for Your Minds, Kids (Part 2)

5. Friends pressuring you into sin: sex, drunkenness, drugs, theft, foul language, etc. A. You will experience peer pressure from your friends to do sinful things such as these. i. Remember what God says, "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil" (Exo 23:2). ii. Remember that following the crowd was what nailed Jesus Christ to the cross (Mat 27:22-23). B. Your friends might try to pressure you into having sex before you're married. i. The Bible calls this fornication. a. Fornication - Voluntary sexual intercourse between a man (in restricted use, an unmarried man) and an unmarried woman. In Scripture extended to adultery. b. Intercourse - 2. a. Social communication between individuals; frequent and habitual contact in conversation and action; dealings. d. Sexual connexion. c. Connexion - 1. a. The action of connecting or joining together; the condition of being connected or joined together. d. Fornication therefore is connecting any part of one person's body (sexual organ, hand, mouth, etc.) to the sexual organs of another person's body. e. This means that oral sex and "hand jobs" are considered fornication. f. Fornication (sex before marriage) is a sin and is forbidden by God (1Co 6:18; 1Th 4:3). ii. The Bible calls men who have sex before marriage whoremongers (Heb 13:4) and women who have sex before marriage whores (Rev 19:2). a. Whoremonger - One who has dealings with whores; one who practises whoredom; a fornicator, lecher. b. Whore - 1. a. A woman who prostitutes herself for hire; a prostitute, harlot. b. More generally: An unchaste or lewd woman; a fornicatress or adulteress. to play the whore (of a woman), to commit fornication or adultery. c. Whoremongers and whores will be judged by God (Heb 13:4). d. They will be excluded from the church (1Co 6:9-10; Eph 5:5). C. Your friends might try to pressure you into getting drunk or using drugs. i. Drunkenness is a sin (Eph 5:18). ii. Drunkenness - The state of being drunk; intoxication; the habit of being drunken or addicted to excessive drinking. iii. Drunk - 1. a. That has drunk intoxicating liquor to an extent which affects steady self-control; intoxicated, inebriated; overcome by alcoholic liquor. iv. Drunkenness will cause you to lose control of yourself and commit other sins (Pro 23:29-35). v. Drunkenness will cause you to be excluded from the church (Gal 5:21). vi. Drunkenness is not funny and should not be joked about, nor should stories of it be rehearsed and relished. vii. Drug use falls under the censure of drunkenness because it is a sin such like it (Gal 5:21). D. Your friends might try to pressure you into stealing things (shoplifting, etc.). i. Stealing is a sin (Exo 20:15; Eph 4:28). ii. Stealing can lead to other sins like lying to cover it up or taking an oath falsely which makes you end up taking God's name in vain (Pro 30:9). E. Your friends might try to pressure you into using foul language. i. Using God's name in vain is absolutely forbidden (Exo 20:7). ii. This includes using the words God, Jesus, Christ, and Lord in any way other than addressing God or talking about Him. iii. Filthy and corrupt speech is a sin (Eph 4:29; Col 3:8; Jam 3:9-10). iv. All cursing is not wrong (Mar 11:21). v. As young people, you do not have the discernment to know when it is appropriate and when it is not, so you should abstain from it and follow your parents rules concerning it. 6. Teachers and society teaching girls to have careers. A. Our society is getting more feminist all the time. i. Feminist - adj. Of or pertaining to feminism, or to women. ii. Feminism - Advocacy of the rights of women (based on the theory of equality of the sexes). B. Your teachers will teach you that men and women are equal in every way. i. God says that women are the "weaker vessel" (1Pe 3:7). ii. God says that wives should submit to and obey their husbands (1Pe 3:1,6). iii. A society has run amok when women are ruling it (Isa 3:12). C. Your teachers will encourage you girls to go to college and have careers. i. God says you should marry, have children, and guide the house (1Ti 5:14). ii. God says you should be keepers at home, not career women in the workplace (Tit 2:3-5). iii. You older women and mothers ought to be teaching the younger girls this. iv. To be a keeper at home doesn't mean you can never leave the house or help provide for the needs of the family, but your activities should be in and around the home and for the purpose of the home. a. The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 is a model to follow who brought food for the family from afar (v.14), bought a field and planted a vineyard (v.16), and made fine linen and girdles and sold them to the merchant (v.24). b. Though she was not in the house all day, all of her work was centered around and for her household (Pro 31:27). v. Women who have to work outside the home should be the exception, not the rule. vi. Because of the debasement of our money and the state of our economy more wives are having to work to make ends meet, but before you conclude that your wife has to work, consider your lifestyle and see if it could be changed to accommodate a single income. 7. Society teaching boys the wrong idea about manliness. A. Boys, the TV and society in general will teach you that you have to be rough and tough, a good athlete, a sports buff, a womanizer, and to be able to put down lots of beer to be a real man. B. Or they will teach you that men are effeminate, incompetent, clueless idiots whom nobody takes seriously and who need their wives to make all the decisions for them and run the show. C. Jesus was the ultimate model of a man (Joh 19:5) and He was none of those things. D. We are to be conformed (made like) to image of Jesus (Rom 8:29; 1Jo 3:2). i. Jesus was (is) a real man. ii. Jesus was holy, harmless, and undefiled (Heb 7:26). iii. Jesus was meek and lowly (Mat 11:29). iv. Jesus was self-sacrificing (Joh 10:15; Joh 15:13). v. Jesus always did God's will (Joh 8:29). vi. Jesus was a man of authority (Mar 1:22). vii. If you are characterized by faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity, you will be like Jesus and you will be a real man (2Pe 1:5-8). E. David summed up what it is to be a man (1Ki 2:2-4). A real man: i. keeps the charge of the Lord his God. ii. walks in God's ways. iii. keeps God's statues, commandments, judgments, and testimonies which are written in His word. iv. walks before God in truth with all his soul. 8. Friends corrupting good manners such as respecting parents and adults and submitting to authority. A. Your friends will pressure you into rebelling against your parents (and adults in general) and disrespecting them. B. God commands you to obey your parents (Eph 6:1). i. You must obey them in all things (Col 3:20). ii. You must honor them so that it may go well with you (Eph 6:2-3). a. This means not talking back to them or questioning them when they tell you to do something. b. This means not saying "no" when they tell you to do something. c. This means being respectful to them. iii. You may think your parents are stupid now, but you will find out that they were much smarter than you thought when you get older. C. You should respect your elders (Lev 19:32), and not doing so has severe consequences (2Ki 2:23-24). D. You should also obey civil authority (1Pe 2:13-14) as long as they don't conflict with God's law (Act 5:29). 9. Friends pressuring kids to go to other churches or to no church. A. Your friends may pressure you to go to other churches with more entertainment, programs, and friends. B. Hold fast to the faith that you have been taught in church and at home (1Co 15:58). C. Don't forsake assembling with the church you know to be true (Heb 10:23-25). D. Choose like Moses did to suffer affliction with the people of God rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season (Heb 11:24-27). V. Seek God in the days of your youth, kids (Ecc 12:1). 1. Be like King Josiah who began to seek God while he was yet young (2Ch 34:3). 2. Seek God early and you will find Him (Pro 8:17). 3. It is good that a man bear the yoke in his youth (Lam 3:26-27). 4. Don't be like the rest of us who have to live with haunting memories of the sins of our youth (Psa 25:7).
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