The Mask of the Beast

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Tuesday, November 24, 2020
For the last eight months it has felt like we’re living in a dystopian Orwell novel with government tyrants controlling minute details of our lives such as what restaurants and businesses are allowed to be open, how many people they can serve, and how far apart patrons can stand from each other. Added to that, these unelected, wicked despots have decreed that all people must wear useless masks on their faces to allegedly stop the spread of Covid-19 despite the fact that numerous scientific studies have demonstrated repeatedly that face masks do nothing to prevent the spread of viruses. I frequently come into contact with zombies devoid of cognitive function who wear masks when they are alone in their cars and when they are walking by themselves on nature trails. Others who are brave enough to take the worthless, germ filled diaper off their faces when taking a nature walk cover their mouths and go out of their way to remain as far from me as possible to avoid the impossible: catching Covid while walking past someone outdoors. The propaganda-induced fear is astounding. Since this scamdemic started, I have been resolute that I will not wear a mask for any reason unless it’s absolutely necessary. I wore one into a restaurant when on vacation this summer out of respect for my host who instructed me to, but I was extremely uncomfortable doing so, and I felt like I had betrayed all that I believe in. The only other time I have donned the face diaper was to enter a hospital to visit a church member with cancer. I hated every minute of it, but I did it so that I could minister to the sick. Despite the mandate of the tyrants at the county health department, and nearly 100% compliance from the fearful and ignorant public which vexes my soul from day to day, I have not worn a mask into any restaurant, business, or any other place, either indoor or outdoor, with the exception of the two above mentioned instances. The other day I made the mistake of going to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City which is an upscale area filled with yuppies and Covidiots. As we walked on the sidewalk in open air baring our faces to a frightened public, strange masked men drove by in their cars gaping at us like we had forgotten to put on our pants rather than our masks. The level of fear and stupidity was just too much to bear, and I said to myself that I would be a happy man if I never entered the city limits of the insane asylum again. On Sunday I heard something that caused me to change my mind and venture out into the loony bin again. The owner of the Don Chilito’s restaurant in Mission, KS (Kansas City, KS) was on TV because he has refused to comply with the Kansas state mask mandate. He is being threatened with legal action by the state, but he is standing his ground and not forcing his employees or customers to wear the mask of the beast in his restaurant. When I heard about this freedom-loving American who would not bow the knee to the tyrants in Topeka, I immediately wanted to go support him. Last night for the first time in over eight months I felt like an American again. We drove 40 minutes each way to patronize Don Chilito’s, and we felt like free people once more. We waited in line next to two old men who were talking to us with unmasked, smiling faces. The servers and cashier were not wearing the symbol of tyranny either. We told them that we came all the way from Excelsior Springs to support them. The man who served us told us that business has been booming and that they have had people as far as Oklahoma come to eat at the restaurant to support them. It was a wonderful experience. We picked up our own trays from the stack and silverware from the bin; we dished up our own chips and salsa from the buffet using the same utensils as the rest of our fellow human beings in the establishment just like in the old days before the world became gripped with media-induced hysteria. And then after doing so, we sat down and ate without washing our hands. Why? Because “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2Ti 1:7). It was such a breath of fresh air to eat at a place where we were not gawked at by terrified zombies who looked at us with bewilderment or outrage. It was so encouraging to dine with people who apparently know that we are not obligated to obey the whimsical, unlawful mandates of tyrannical bureaucrats who have assumed the omnipotent power and authority which only God alone holds (Dan 4:35; 1Ti 6:15-16; Rev 19:6). Wherever you live, I believe it is imperative for you to support establishments that are not bowing the knee to the beast before there are none left and our liberties are gone entirely. And be not afraid; take off your mask and give this fearful world an example to follow. Postscript I realize that a lot of people have no choice but to wear a mask for work. I know others are scared and believe that masks help slow the spread of Covid (which 99.9% of people who get it recover from it, and most of the “cases” are just false positive test results) because of the propaganda they have been bombarded with by the media and will probably not be convinced otherwise by the facts. If you have to wear a mask to provide for your family, then do so. If you sincerely believe that you should wear a mask for whatever reason, then do so, and don’t violate your conscience. But for those of you who know that these mask mandates are nothing but a tyrannical power-grab and are instituted to control and dehumanize us, I exhort you to take a stand and take off the mask. For sermons and blogs on the lockdown, go here: lockdowns.
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