Suffering and Deliverance (Part 5) - Why God Allows Us to Suffer (Part D)


m. Paul was in perils by the heathen (v.26). (i) Heathen n. - 1. Applied to persons or races whose religion is neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim; pagan; Gentile. In earlier times applied also to Muslims; but in modern usage, for the most part, restricted to those holding polytheistic beliefs, esp. when uncivilized or uncultured. (ii) Paul was not only persecuted by the Jews, but also by the Gentiles. (iii) Sometimes Paul was in danger of being harmed by the Gentiles because the envious Jews stirred them up against him (Act 14:2, 5; Act 17:5; Act 22:22-25). (iv) Their problems with him often were a result of his preaching or actions harming them financially (Act 16:16-24; Act 19:23-30). (v) Paul fought with beasts at Ephesus which were either Gentiles called beasts or literal beasts which he was thrown to by Gentiles (1Co 15:32). n. Paul was in perils in the city (v.26). (i) He experienced numerous perils in the cities he traveled to and preached in. (ii) Paul was assaulted in cities like Lystra (Act 14), Philippi (Act 16), Ephesus (Act 19), and Jerusalem (Act 21). o. Paul was in perils in the wilderness (v.26). (i) Though it is not recorded, Paul no doubt faced danger from wild animals, rough terrain, severe weather, and thieves as he made his way through the wilderness between cities on his trips. (ii) One example is when he got bit by a venomous snake while warming himself by a fire (Act 28:3-5). p. Paul was in perils in the sea (v.26). (i) Acts 27 tells the account of one of Paul perilous times in the sea. (ii) He was shipwrecked three times and spent a night and a day in the water (v.25). q. Paul was in perils among false brethren (v.26). (i) Peril n. - . a. The position or condition of being imminently exposed to the chance of injury, loss, or destruction; risk, jeopardy, danger. (ii) Perils can also be of a spiritual nature (2Ti 3:1-5). (iii) False brethren can cause a pastor and a church much injury and danger. 1. They creep into the church unawares (Gal 2:4; Jud 1:4). 2. They draw away disciples after them with deceptive false doctrine (Act 20:29-30; Eph 4:14; Gal 1:6-7; Gal 3:1; 2Ti 2:16-19). 3. They will forsake us when times get tough (2Ti 1:15-16; 2Ti 4:14-16). (iv) False brethren are a great source of suffering for God's people (Php 3:18-19; Act 20:31). (v) But they're also used by God to help the church grow spiritually and purge it of people who shouldn't be there (1Co 11:19; 1Jo 2:19). (vi) Paul suffered perils of false brethren as an example to us of how to do so.
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