Suffering and Deliverance (Part 19) - David is Delivered from Saul (Part A)


16. David from Saul A. Saul was the king of Israel (1Sa 10:24). B. Saul envied David (1Sa 18:6-9). i. Because of his envy, God sent an evil spirit into him (1Sa 18:10). ii. Beware, Christian: this can happen to you. iii. If we let envy, pride, bitterness, resentment, etc. build up in us, God can turn us over to a delusion and cause us to lose our minds and turn on our brethren. iv. I have witnessed this happen and have been a victim of it in a church. C. Saul tried to kill David eleven times. i. Saul threw a javelin at David twice when he played the harp for him (1Sa 18:10-11). a. David escaped Saul's attempt at murdering him (1Sa 18:11). b. David behaved himself wisely in all his ways, and the LORD was with him (1Sa 18:12-14). c. This made Saul afraid of David (1Sa 18:15). ii. Saul tried to set David up to be killed by the Philistines. a. Saul devised a scheme to give his daughter Merab to David for a wife on the condition that he would fight for him so that the Philistines would kill him (1Sa 18:17-18). b. Merab was given to another man, so Saul offered his daughter Michal to David for the same reason (1Sa 18:19-24). c. Saul told David he wanted him to give him 100 Philistine foreskins for Michal with hopes that he would die in battle with them (1Sa 18:25-26). d. David and his men slew 200 Philistines and brought their foreskins back to Saul (1Sa 18:27). e. Saul could see that the LORD was with David and this made him more afraid of him and caused him to be his enemy continually (1Sa 18:28-29). f. David behaved himself more wisely than all the servants of Saul (1Sa 18:30). iii. Saul tried to talk his son Jonathan and his servants into killing David (1Sa 19:1). a. Jonathan loved David and therefore told him to hide himself while he went and tried to persuade Saul to not kill him (1Sa 19:2-3). b. Jonathan reasoned with Saul and dissuaded him from killing David (1Sa 19:4-6). c. David was again able to be in Saul's presence in peace and escaped death again (1Sa 19:7). iv. Saul again tried to kill David with a javelin. a. David went out to war again with the Philistines and slew them with a great slaughter (1Sa 19:8). b. This made Saul envious again and the evil spirit entered him and enticed him to kill David while he played for him (1Sa 19:9). c. David dodged the javelin and fled from Saul and escaped (1Sa 19:10). v. Saul sent messengers to David's house to watch him and kill him (1Sa 19:11). a. David's wife Michal warned him of the conspiracy and let him down through a window, and he escaped (1Sa 19:11-12). b. Michal put an image under the covers in David's bed to make it look like he was in bed sick in order to deceive Saul and his men (1Sa 19:13-17). c. When she was found out, she lied to save her life (1Sa 19:17). d. God again delivered David out of Saul's hand (1Sa 19:18). e. David knew there was but a step between him and death (1Sa 20:3). vi. Saul pursued David with his servants. a. Saul had decreed that David would surely die (1Sa 20:31). b. David went to Ahimelech the priest and lied to him saying he was on official business from the king in order to get bread for the young men that were with him and Goliath's sword to defend himself (1Sa 21:1-6, 8-9). c. He next went to Achish king of Gath to find refuge, but the men recognized him which made David afraid, so he feigned himself a madman in order to be delivered out of the hand of Achish (1Sa 21:10-15). d. At the cave of Adullam David acquired a band of about 400 misfits who were in distress, in debt, and discontented (1Sa 22:1-2). e. David went to Mizpeh of Moab until the prophet told him to go to Judah (1Sa 22:3-5). f. When Saul heard that David was in Judah he pursued after him with his servants (1Sa 22:6-8). g. Saul found out that Ahimelech the priest had helped David and he commanded Doeg to slay the priests (1Sa 22:17-19). h. Abiathar the priest escaped and told David what happened and joined with him (1Sa 22:20-23). i. David was once again delivered out of Saul's hand.
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