Suffering and Deliverance (Part 14) - Israel is Delivered from Egypt and Pharaoh's Army


9. Israel from Egypt A. The Israelites were slaves working under hard bondage, and they cried unto the Lord for deliverance (Exo 2:23). B. God heard their cry and had mercy on them because of His covenant He made with their fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Exo 2:24-25). C. God appeared to Moses in a burning bush and told him He would send him to Pharaoh to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt (Exo 3:10). i. Remember that Egypt was the most powerful empire in the world, and Pharaoh was its king. ii. The children of Israel were Pharaoh's slaves. iii. Escaping their bondage in Egypt was humanly impossible. iv. Their situation seemed as helpless as could be. D. Nevertheless, God promised to smite Egypt with His wonders and bring Israel out with great wealth (Exo 3:20-22). E. After destroying Egypt with ten plagues, the Lord brought out Israel with a mighty arm and with silver and gold in their hands (Act 7:36; Act 13:17; Exo 12:35-36). F. Just as God had promised, He brought them out with silver and gold in their possession (Psa 105:37-38). G. There are some lessons we can learn from this. i. Even when we are weak, God can deliver us. ii. When our situation seems impossible, God is still able to deliver us. iii. God can deliver his people who are living under the most oppressive government tyranny. iv. Powerful governments and kings are no match for God. v. God can provide wealth and sustenance to those who have nothing. 10. Israel from Pharaoh's armies at the Red Sea A. When the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, in mercy He didn't lead them through the land of the Philistines in the north, though it was near, because God knew that they might turn back to Egypt when they saw war (Exo 13:17). B. Instead God led them to the Red Sea so that He could show His power to save them (Exo 13:18). C. The LORD had Moses take them to a place at the edge of the Red Sea where they were cornered with no way out (Exo 14:1-3). D. The LORD then hardened Pharaoh's heart and made him pursue them so that He would be honored by destroying him and his army (Exo 14:4-9). E. Israel's situation now seems hopeless. i. Their backs are to the Red Sea, and the most powerful military in the world is closing in on them (Exo 14:10). ii. The cry unto the LORD in desperation (Exo 14:10). iii. And then they blame Moses and wish they would have stayed in Egypt and remained slaves (Exo 14:11-12). iv. Moses exhorts them to stand still and see the salvation of God and assures them that God will fight for them and that they will never see the Egyptians again (Exo 14:13-14). v. God told Moses that he was to stretch out his hand with his rod in it over the Red Sea and it would be divided and Israel would walk through it on dry ground (Exo 14:15-16). vi. That night God put a cloud of darkness between the Israelites and the Egyptians to keep them apart while the LORD parted the Red Sea with a strong east wind which dried up the sea bed (Exo 14:19-21). vii. Israel walked through the midst of the sea on dry ground with the waters as walls on both sides of them (Exo 14:22). viii. The Egyptians pursued after them into the sea, and the LORD took the wheels off their chariots and closed the sea in upon them (Exo 14:23-28). F. The LORD saved/delivered Israel that day out of the hands of the Egyptians (Exo 14:29-30). G. When Israel saw that great work of the LORD, they feared God and believed in Him and His servant Moses (Exo 14:31). H. There are some lessons we can learn from this. i. God will not allow us to be tempted above that we are able and will make a away of escape for us so that we will be able to bear it (1Co 10:13). ii. God will sometimes put us in a very difficult trial so that He can show His power in delivering us from it. iii. God will let us become cornered with our backs to the wall with no way out so that we will cry out to Him for help. iv. God will let our enemies pursue us until it appears that they are going to destroy us. v. Even when God's people blame Him or the preacher for their situation, God will nevertheless deliver them. vi. God is well able to deliver us from an impossible situation by miraculous means. vii. God will destroy our enemies after He is done using them to teach us to suffer patiently and rely on God for salvation. viii. God delivers us so that we will fear Him and believe in Him. ix. God uses His minister to lead His people through difficult times so that they will have confidence in him.
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