Search Me, O God

Search Me, O God (Part 1)

  • By Pastor Chad Wagner
  • on Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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I. The need for self-examination. 1. The thing that distinguishes human beings from all other creatures is our rational mind which is capable of self-reflection. 2. The spirit within man enables him to know himself (1Co 2:11). A. We can think with ourselves (Act 26:9). B. We can force ourselves to do something (1Sa 13:12). C. We can keep ourselves from sinning (2Sa 22:24). D. We can commune with ourselves (Psa 4:4; Psa 77:6; Ecc 1:16). E. We can comfort ourselves (Psa 119:52). F. We can consult wit...

Search Me, O God (Part 2)

I. God tells us to consider our ways (Hag 1:5). i. If we do, and then turn from our wickedness, we will be spared death (Eze 18:28). ii. This is true of a church, as well as individuals (Rev 2:4-5; Rev 3:1-3). iii. It works with a nation, too (Jer 18:7-8; 2Ch 7:14). 2. We should ask God to try us (Psa 139:23-24; Psa 26:2). A. Trying is the painful process of separating out sinful things in our lives and disposing of them. i. Try v. - 1. a. trans. To separate (one thing) from another or others; to set...