Satan (Part 06) - Satan's Names and Titles (Part B); Hollywood

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Satan (Part 06) - Satan's Names and Titles (Part B); Hollywood For the outline and the rest of the sermons in this series, click here: Satan To listen to or watch the previous sermon in the series, click here: (Part 5) To listen to or watch the next sermon in the series, click here: (Part 7) 10. The tempter (Mat 4:3; 1Th 3:5) A. Tempter - 1. One who or that which tempts or entices to evil; the tempter, (spec.) the devil. B. Tempt v. - II. To try to attract, allure, incite, induce. 4. trans. To try to attract, to entice (a person) to do evil; to present attractions to the passions or frailties of; to allure or incite to evil with the prospect of some pleasure or advantage. Const. to something, to do something. C. Satan tempts the saints (1Co 7:5). D. Satan's children follow his lead by tempting the righteous (Mat 16:1). E. Never forget that is not God that is tempting you to do evil (Jam 1:13). F. Satan can easily tempt us because our flesh is prone to being draw away after our lusts (Jam 1:14-15). G. The name tempter shows that Satan entices us to do evil. 11. Belial (2Co 6:15) A. Belial - 1. The spirit of evil personified; used from early times as a name for the Devil or one of the fiends, and by Milton as the name of one of the fallen angels. B. Belial (Satan) has children which are known by the following traits that they learned from him: i. They are idolaters and pagans (Deu 13:13). ii. They are sodomites (Jdg 19:22). iii. They know not God (1Sa 2:12), though they sometimes get involved in His religion for their own profit (1Sa 2:13-17, 22). iv. They are stubborn, foolish, and difficult to deal with (1Sa 25:17, 25). v. They are liars, false accusers, and murderers (1Ki 21:13). C. The name Belial shows that Satan is the personification of all manner of evil including idolatry, false religion, sodomy, fornication, corruption of God's religion, foolishness, lying, false accusation, and murder. 12. That wicked one (Mat 13:19 c/w Mar 4:15; 1Jo 2:13-14; 1Jo 3:12; 1Jo 5:18). A. Wicked adj. - 1. Bad in moral character, disposition, or conduct; inclined or addicted to wilful wrong-doing; practising or disposed to practise evil; morally depraved. (A term of wide application, but always of strong reprobation, implying a high degree of evil quality.) a. of a person (or a community of persons). the Wicked One, the Devil, Satan. B. The other devils (unclean spirits) are also wicked (Mat 12:43-45). C. Satan is the most wicked, being designated as "the (or that) wicked one." D. Satan has wicked children who follow in his ways (Mat 13:38). E. At the end of time, Satan will manifest himself in the man of sin who is called "that Wicked" (2Th 2:8-9) who will claim to be God (2Th 2:3-4). F. The name the wicked one shows that Satan is utterly evil and completely morally depraved. 13. The prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2) A. Being a spirit, Satan and his devils travel through the air. i. After being cast to the earth, Satan's domain is the atmosphere of earth. ii. Air n. - 1. a. The transparent, invisible, inodorous, and tasteless gaseous substance which envelopes the earth, and is breathed by all land animals; one of the four ‘elements’ of the ancients, but now known to be a mechanical mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, with the constant presence of a small quantity of carbonic acid gas, and traces of many other substances as contaminations. 3. The whole body of air surrounding, or in popular language above, the earth; the atmosphere; hence, a. the (apparently) free space above our heads, in which birds fly and clouds float. Also, considered as a medium for the operation of aircraft; a collective term for aircraft or aerial power; esp. in Comb., as air arm, cover, offensive, warfare (see below B. III. 2). So by air, by aeroplane. B. For the last 120-some years, Satan has made special use of the power of the air over which he is the prince. i. Air n. - 1. c. The air considered as a medium for the transmission of radio waves; colloq. = radio n. 2, esp. in phr. on the air, (being) broadcast by radio transmission; so off the air. ii. Radio, television, satellites, cellular towers, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. all transmit messages and information through the air. iii. Who else but the prince of the power of air is in control of all these technologies? iv. Through electronic media, Satan has been able to control and influence the minds of billions of people across the world. C. Satan controls the media, Hollywood, and the entertainment industries which all broadcast over the air, and he has been able to sway our culture away from God and His word through them. i. Many actors and actresses have admitted to selling their soul to the devil. a. Many have said that devils have possessed them and gave them the ability to act and right scripts. b. We are being entertained by devils. ii. Denzel Washington a. Denzel Washington was interviewed on 60 Minutes and revealed the following. b. "[Washington] Basically what I did was got on my knees and sort of communicated with the spirits and when I came out, I was in charge. [Host] Powerful scene. [Washington] Powerful scene. I couldn't have acted that. I couldn't have written that down and made a decision to play that." (60 Minutes interview, iii. Oprah Winfrey a. "I was striving to create a life that, in ways you cannot articulate, will be felt in the spirit of the character. I ask my body to be the carrier for the spirits of those who have come before me in a way that is most meaningful to the character that I have created..." (Oprah Winfrey, Journey to Beloved, p. 25) b. "There are times, though perhaps not many, when even the Queen of Talk is at a loss for words, when her lively brand of armchair wisdom collapses under the weight of personal revelation. Oprah Winfrey calls these her "go there" moments, spiritual episodes of divine guidance that far transcend the chatty exchanges with her studio audiences--about her fiance Stedman, her best friend Gayle or even her dogs Sophie and Solomon--that often masquerade as intimacy. It is during these moments, usually while jogging the winding trails on her Indiana farm, that Winfrey becomes overwhelmed by the sense that old spirits are trying to get in touch with her. And it is during these moments that the woman who loves to talk stops dead in her tracks simply to listen. "Sometimes the epiphanies carry the voices of Negro slaves--Joe and Emily and Dara; Sue and Bess and Sara. Winfrey says she has come to know each of them personally and calls them in at will to guide her in her work. The spirits began visiting her a few years ago, shortly after she bought the property records of various plantations at a Sotheby's auction. A collector of slave memorabilia, Winfrey cherishes the slave papers because these documents serve as the best vessel for connecting her--through name, age and price--to the real human legacy of slavery. While filming Beloved, she kept the slave inventory in her trailer on the set. She dedicated scenes to individual slaves by lighting a candle and praying aloud to them. Often, though, she became so emotional that she couldn't perform the scene." (Daring to Go There, Time Magazine, 6-24-2001) c. "I tried to empty myself and let the spirit of Sethe inhabit me." (Oprah Winfrey) d. Oprah empties herself to let a spirit inhabit her (Mat 12:43-45). iv. Nicolas Cage a. Nicolas Cage was interviewed on The Showbiz 411 and said the following. b. "[Host] You developed an acting discipline that you've referred to as Nouveau Shamanic. Is that correct? [Cage] Yeah. [Host] What are the core principles? [Cage] I've been told that, um, all actors really hail from the early medicine men and the shamans in the villages pre-Christianity where they would put on masks and act out and really what [sic] they were probably pretty crazy, but they would go in and find answers to questions. Today you're called psychotic if you do that. But it's all semantics. So what I would do is I'd put on afro-Caribbean paint like a white and black paint and black out my eyes so I look like this sort of afro-Caribbean voodoo icon, and then I would sew in bits of Egyptian artifacts that were thousands of years old under my costume and gather some onyx or tourmaline or something that was meant to have vibrations, and who knows if it works or doesn't, but for me it was an idea of like trying to stimulate my mind or trick my mind into believing I was this character from another dimension. And I would walk on the set and then wouldn't speak to anybody, wouldn't say a word so I projected this aura of horror which created fear in my fellow actors which then inspired me to believe I really was this character." (The Showbiz 411, v. Jack Nicholson a. Shirley MacLaine said this about her experience acting with Jack Nicholson at an AFI (American Film Institute) awards ceremony. b. "We launched into the first take and two voices came out of you. Do you remember this? [Nicholson smiles and nods.] Two voices and they were simultaneous words but they were two levels of sound. And I looked over at you - you were amazed, I was amazed, and you said, 'Well Sheryl, I'm many different people'. I said, 'No, Jack, you're channeling'. [audience laughs]" ( vi. Kanye West a. In one of his songs, West says the following. b. "I sold my soul to the devil." (Kanye West, vii. Katy Perry a. Perry admits to selling her soul to the devil in an interview. b. "What was going on in my life at fifteen and that's how I got introduced to the music industry cause I swear that I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn't work out and so I sold my soul to the devil." (Katy Perry, viii. Eminem a. Eminem says he sold his soul to the devil in one of his rap songs. b. "The boy in the bubble who never could adapt, I'm trapped, if I could go back, I never woulda rapped. I sold my soul to the devil, I'll never get it back." (Eminem, ix. Beyonce a. Famous singer Beyonce admits that she is only able to sing as she does by a spirit (devil) possessing her. b. "I can try, but then it just doesn't happen. I can sing notes and sing strong and do all these things that when I'm just by myself I can't do. And I remember right before I performed, I raised my hands up, and it was kinda the first time I felt something else come into me." (Beyonce, x. Bob Dylan a. Bob Dylan admitted in a 60 Minutes interview that he sold his soul to Satan in his youth, and that he could have never written some of his songs by himself, but did it by 'magic'. b. "[Host] Why do you still do it, why are you still out here? [Dylan] Well it goes back to the destiny thing, and I made a bargain with it, you know, long time ago and I'm holding up my end. [Host] What was your bargain? [Dylan] To get where, um, I am now. [Host] Should I ask who you made the bargain with? [Dylan] With, with, you know, with the chief commander. [Host] On this earth? [Dylan] In this earth, and in the world we can't see. [Host] You ever look at music that you've written, and look back at it and say 'woah, that surprised me'. [Dylan] I used to. Uh, I don't do that anymore. Uh, I don't know how I got to write those songs. [Host] What do you mean you don't know how? [Dylan] Well those early songs were like almost magically written. (he quotes lyrics from his song, It's Alright, Ma) Well, try to sit down and write something like that. There's a magic to that, and it's not Siegfried and Roy kinda magic. You know, it's a different kind of a penetrating magic. And, uh, I did it at one time. [Host] You don't think you can do it today? [Dylan] Uh uh. (No) [Host] Does that disappoint you? [Dylan] Well you can't do something forever, and uh, I did it once. And, I can do other things now, but I can't do that." (60 Minutes interview with Bob Dylan, xi. These are just some of the actors and entertainers who admit to having sold their souls to Satan and to being possessed by spirits (devils) who give them power to do what they do. a. We are being entertained by devils. b. These entertainers are wicked people who consult with familiar spirits (Lev 19:31; Lev 20:27; Deu 18:10-12). c. Saul died for consulting with a familiar spirit (1Ch 10:13). d. We ought not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Eph 5:11-12). e. Paul did not continue to listen to a woman with the spirit of divination; he cast it out (Act 16:16-18). f. These Hollywood entertainers are some of Satan's "ministers of righteousness" (2Co 11:14-15) who sometimes mix in "good morals" (not Biblical righteousness) with their vile performances. xii. We must all seriously consider the entertainment that we allow ourselves to see and hear. a. If you watch movies or listen to music, you should do so with your guard up at all times and scrutinize what you and your children watch or listen to (1Th 5:21). (i) What kind of fruit does music like heavy metal, rap, punk rock, etc. bear? (ii) Do these types of music bear the fruit of the Spirit? (Gal 5:22-23) (iii) Do they meet the standard of Php 4:8? (iv) Compare the effect on your spirit when you listen to heavy metal or rap versus classical music. (v) Could you study your Bible while listening to heavy metal or rap? Could you study your Bible while listening to classical music? Just something to think about. b. Be discerning and circumspect when it comes to what you allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear (Eph 5:14-17; Psa 101:3). c. Movies and music that have Satanic/occultic themes or evil and ungodly messages in them should be destroyed (Act 19:18-20). d. We are all being programmed by Satan's entertainment industry, whether we realize it or not. e. Evil communications corrupt good manners (1Co 15:33). f. Music and images stick in your mind for a long time and are very hard, if not impossible, to remove. g. I recommend that you watch a sermon documentary called "Hollywood's Satanic Roots - The Movie - Reloaded // Jason Cooley", h. We are being entertained by devils. D. The title prince of the power of the air shows that Satan's realm is the atmosphere of this planet and that the air is the medium in which he exercises his power.