Satan (Part 11) - The Epic War: The Tower of Babel


C. The tower of Babel i. Satan's attempt to corrupt the human race was stopped by God when He flooded the earth and started again with Noah and his family. ii. The nations were divided after the flood (Gen 10:32). a. God wants the nations divided (Act 17:26-27; Deu 32:8). b. Satan wants the nations united so that they are more easily under his control and so that he can persecute the people of God more easily (Psa 83:1-8; Jos 9:1-2; Neh 4:7-8; Isa 10:13). c. At the end of time, Satan will once again unite the nations against God and His people (Rev 16:14; Rev 17:12-14, 17; Rev 19:19; Rev 20:8-9). d. Who do you suppose is behind the open borders movement, New World Order, and the United Nations? iii. In the years after the flood, the earth was all of one language (Gen 11:1). iv. This was to Satan's advantage. v. Given the fact that Satan loves to unite the nations and build world empires, it appears that he inspired the children of men to unite at Babel and build a tower to make a name for themselves to prevent them from being divided (Gen 11:2-4). vi. The LORD once again foiled Satan's plan for world dominion when He confounded their language (Gen 11:5-7). vii. This broke up their empire and caused them to be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth (Gen 11:8-9). viii. This was a major blow to Satan in his war against God and His promised Messiah because it would be much harder going forward to bring all the peoples of the earth together against God. a. Satan tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again for the next 2000 years by creating a series of world empires (Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman). (i) Each of these empires was eventually replaced by the next one in succession which gained control of more and more of the earth (Dan 2:37-42). (ii) Satan was behind all of these empires (Dan 10:13; Dan 10:20; Joh 14:30). (iii) These empires would attempt to mingle the people of the earth together (as the Roman Empire did - (Dan 2:43 c/w Ezr 9:2)) as they were at Babel. 1. "Mingling themselves with the seed of men" is not referring to Nephilims, transhumanism, or genetic engineering. 2. It's simply referring to the practice of empires mixing their own people with the people of the nations that they conquered in an effort to subjugate them. (iv) A common language was one of the core components of establishing these empires. (v) The culmination of Satan's world empires prior to the coming of Christ was the Roman Empire which God destroyed in due time by the coming of Christ and the setting up of His kingdom, the NT church (Dan 2:44 c/w Mat 3:1-2 c/w Mar 1:15 c/w Mat 16:18-19). b. God used these Satanic empires to accomplish His purposes. (i) During the time of the Greek Empire, much of the world learned to speak Greek which carried over into the Roman Empire. (ii) God used this to His advantage when He inspired the New Testament in Greek which was able to quickly spread across the Greek-speaking world. (iii) The Roman Empire conquered most of the known world prior to the coming of Christ (Luk 2:1) and created a system of highways connecting it. (iv) God used that system to spread the gospel quickly throughout the known world. (v) The British-American Empire has nearly made English into the world's language, which has no doubt sped up the march toward globalism (more on this later in this study). (vi) But God has also used this to His advantage in disseminating the KJV all over the world. ix. Satan is now back to square one, assuming the Messiah that would bruise his head would come through one of the many descendents of either Shem or Japheth.