Psalm 37 (Part 16) - Psa 37:28 - Preservation of the Saints

Watch the video of this sermon on YouTube: Psalm 37 (Part 16) - Psa 37:28 - Preservation of the Saints For the outline and the rest of the Bible studies in this series, click here: Psalm 37 To listen to or watch the previous Bible study in the series, click here: Part 15 To listen to or watch the next Bible study in the series, click here: Part 17 28. Psa 37:28 - "For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off." A. For the LORD loveth judgment. i. Judgment n. - 1. a. The action of trying a cause in a court of justice; trial. (Now rare or merged in 3.) Also applied to trial by battle (quot. 1377: see battle n. 2) or ordeal (Judgement of God). b. Phr. to sit in judgement: (a) lit. to sit as judge, to preside as a judge at a trial; (b) fig. to pass judgement upon (see 6), to judge, criticize (with an assumption of superiority). 2. The trial of moral beings by God (or Christ) as Judge; spec. (in full, the Last Judgement), the final trial of the subjects of God's moral government at the end of the world: = doom n. 6. Often in day of judgement: = doomsday. ii. The LORD loves passing judgment on the wicked. a. God will not forsake His saints. b. He will render judgment to those who trouble them (2Th 1:4-9). c. It may take a while for God's judgment to be executed on the wicked that persecute the righteous, but it will come (Rev 6:10). d. God will judge the wicked and cut off their seed (Psa 37:28). iii. God loves righteousness and judgment (Psa 33:5) which go hand-in-hand. iv. God loves justice and judgment more than sacrifices (Pro 21:3). v. The LORD loves it when His people judge themselves (1Co 11:31) and depart from evil (Psa 37:27). a. He exhorts them to love good, hate evil, and establish judgment (Amo 5:15). b. Love abounds in judgment (Php 1:9). c. Judgment must begin at the house of God (1Pe 4:17). B. And forsaketh not his saints. i. Forsake v. - 1. trans. To deny (an accusation, an alleged fact, etc.). Obs. b. To deny knowledge of (a person). Obs. 4. To abandon, leave entirely, withdraw from; esp. to withdraw one's presence and help or companionship from; to desert. ii. God knows His saints (Joh 10:14; Joh 10:27; 2Ti 2:19; Gal 4:9; 1Pe 1:2) and He will never utterly deny knowing them like He will the wicked (Mat 7:23). a. God will temporarily forsake and deny us if we forsake and deny Him (2Ti 2:12; Mat 10:33; Luk 12:8-9; 2Ch 24:20). b. He will never utterly deny us though because to do so would be denying Himself because He purposed to save us (2Ti 2:13). iii. God will not utterly forsake us in the sense of leaving us (Heb 13:5; Psa 89:29-34; Isa 49:14-16; 1Sa 12:22; Psa 94:14). a. God repeatedly reminds His people that He will not forsake them (Deu 31:6; Jos 1:5). b. God will temporarily forsake us to test us (2Ch 32:31; Isa 54:7-8). c. God will temporarily forsake us to make us return to Him (Hos 5:15). d. God will not forsake them that seek Him (Psa 9:10). iv. The LORD forsook His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, so that He would never have to forsake us (Mat 27:46). C. They are preserved for ever. i. Preserved ppl. - 1. gen. Kept safe, protected; kept in existence, maintained, retained, etc. ii. Jesus gives His saints eternal life which means that they will be living and protected forever (Joh 10:27-29). iii. They are preserved in Jesus Christ (Jud 1:1). iv. Jesus will loose none of them (Joh 6:39). v. God will destroy the earth and the heavens, but will preserve His people (Isa 51:6). vi. God will finish the good work that He began in His saints (Php 1:6). D. But the seed of the wicked shall be cut off. i. The LORD will cut off both the wicked and their wicked children (Psa 21:10). ii. The wicked will be cut down as the grass (Psa 37:2). iii. Evildoers shall be cut off (Psa 37:9,22). iv. Their day is coming (Psa 37:13). v. God will destroy them by their own devices (Psa 37:15). vi. God will break their arms (Psa 37:17). vii. The wicked shall perish in flames (Psa 37:20). viii. The righteous will see God's judgment of the wicked (Psa 37:34). ix. They will all be destroyed together (Psa 37:38).