Proverbs 8:9 (Mini Sermon)


9. Pro 8:9 - "They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge." A. They are all plain to him that understandeth, i. All the words of wisdom's mouth are plain to the man who understands. a. Plain adj. - II. 4. Open, clear to the senses or mind; evident, manifest, obvious; easily distinguishable or recognizable. 6. a. Of which the meaning is evident; simple, intelligible, readily understood. b. Understand v. - 1. To comprehend; to apprehend the meaning or import of; to grasp the idea of. ii. To the man who has the ability to comprehend the meaning of wisdom's words, her message is obvious, easily recognizable, simple, and readily understood. iii. But on the contrary, to the man who does not have the ability to understand, wisdom's message is not evident, nor easily distinguishable, nor simple, but rather obscure and difficult to comprehend. a. By nature man, in his fallen state, has no understanding of God's words (Rom 3:11; Joh 8:43, 47; 2Pe 2:12). b. He cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God, nor know them, because those things are spiritually discerned (1Co 2:14); and being spiritually dead (Eph 2:1), he has no spiritual discernment. c. To know the things of God, a man must first receive the spirit which is from God (1Co 2:12) which comes through regeneration by the Holy Ghost (Tit 3:5). d. Once a person has been eternally saved by the grace of God, wisdom's words are no longer foolishness to him, but are understandable and are a powerful influence in his life (1Co 1:18). iv. The New Testament is written in great plainness of speech (2Co 3:12). v. Saints who have been quickened (regenerated, born again) by the Spirit of God can understand the words of God when they read them (Eph 2:5 c/w Eph 3:4). vi. But in order to do so, they need two things. a. Firstly, they need to learn to compare scripture with scripture in order to understand doctrine (Isa 28:9-10; 1Co 2:13). b. Secondly, they need a preacher to help guide them to make the word of God manifest so they can understand it (Act 8:30-31; Tit 1:3). B. and right to them that find knowledge. i. Wisdom's words are right to them that find knowledge. a. Right adj. - II. 5. Of persons or disposition: Disposed to do what is just or good; upright, righteous. 6. a. Of actions, conduct, etc.: In accordance with what is just or good; equitable; morally fitting. 7. a. Agreeing with some standard or principle; correct, proper. Also, agreeing with facts; true. b. God's words are: (i) right (Psa 19:8; Psa 33:4; Isa 45:19; 1Ki 11:38) (ii) upright (Psa 111:7-8) (iii) righteous (Psa 119:138) (iv) true (Psa 119:160). ii. Wisdom's words are right to them that find knowledge. a. Find v. - II. To discover or attain by search or effort. 9. a. To discover or obtain by searching. b. Knowledge n. - II. Senses derived from the verb know, in its later uses. * The fact or condition of knowing. 5. a. The fact of knowing a thing, state, etc., or (in general sense) a person; acquaintance; familiarity gained by experience. 8. a. Acquaintance with a fact; perception, or certain information of, a fact or matter; state of being aware or informed; consciousness (of anything). b. absol. Acquaintance with facts, range of information, ken. iii. They that find the knowledge of God are seeking it (Pro 2:4-5). iv. Therefore, those who are seeking to know the facts and truth about God will find it in the word of God, and when they do they will recognize that wisdom's words are right. v. They will receive wisdom's words not as the words of men, but as the word of God (1Th 2:13) which is truth (Joh 17:17).
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