Proverbs 8:2 (Mini Sermon)


2. Pro 8:2 - "She standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths." A. She standeth in the top of high places, i. Wisdom stands as she cries. a. Wisdom stands while she calls out to the sons of men. b. Standing is a far more advantageous position for a speaker to get the attention of his audience (Act 2:14; Act 24:21; Rev 19:17). c. Wisdom stands while calling men to repentance while the foolish woman sits on a seat while calling sinners to sin (Pro 9:13-17). ii. Wisdom wants to be heard, so she goes to high places to cry (Pro 8:1). a. High adj. - 21. high place, in Scripture, a place of worship or sacrifice (usually idolatrous) on a hill or high ground; the altar and other appointments for such worship; also, in pl., the upper echelon of any organization (i) As the definition shows, high places are often places of worship and can also refer to the upper echelons of organizations. (ii) Every time that the word of God is preached in churches wisdom is crying from the high places. (iii) Any time common sense is uttered in a corporate boardroom wisdom is crying from the high places. b. Not only does wisdom go to high places, she goes to the highest places of the city to cry (Pro 9:3). c. She goes to the top of high places to get to the highest places. d. Top n. - II. The highest or uppermost part. 3. a. The highest point or part of anything; perh. originally a pointed or peaked summit, an apex or peak; but now applied to the uppermost part, whatever its nature or shape; the highest place or limit of something. Also pl., mountain tops, high moorland, etc. e. Crying atop of high places gives one's voice maximum projection in order to be able to be heard from far away. iii. The fact that wisdom stands in the top of high places demonstrates how much effort God has exerted throughout time to call men to repentance and wisdom. B. by the way in the places of the paths. i. Wisdom not only cries from the high places where her voice will carry the farthest, she also goes where men are in order to reach them where they are. ii. She preaches in both the crowded streets and the less traveled paths. a. Way n. - I. Road, path. 1. a. gen. A track prepared or available for travelling along; a road, street, lane, or path. b. In figurative context, with reference to a metaphorical walking or travelling. c. A main road connecting different parts of a country. b. Path n. - 1. a. A way beaten or trodden by the feet of men or beasts; a track formed incidentally by passage between places, rather than expressly planned and constructed to accomodate traffic; a narrow unmade and (usually) unenclosed way across the open country, through woods or fields, over a mountain, etc.; a footway or footpath, as opposed to a road for vehicles; hence applied also to a walk made for foot-passengers, in a garden, park, wood, or the like. Sometimes said more vaguely of any way or road: cf. sense 3. iii. The fact that wisdom stands by the way in the places of the paths demonstrates that God takes great pains to ensure that His word is preached wherever men are. iv. This is why preachers preach both publicly in church and from house to house (Act 20:20).
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