Proverbs 8:10 (Mini Sermon)


10. Pro 8:10 - "Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold." A. Receive my instruction, i. Wisdom exhorts us to receive her instruction. a. Receive v. - I. 1. a. trans. To take in one's hand, or into one's possession (something held out or offered by another); to take delivery of (a thing) from another, either for oneself or for a third party. d. To take from another by hearing or listening; to attend, listen, or give heed to. b. Instruction n. - 1. The action of instructing or teaching; the imparting of knowledge or skill; education; information. c. One of the fundamental purposes for which God gave us the book of Proverbs was for us "to receive the instruction of wisdom" (Pro 1:3). d. Therefore, in order to receive wisdom's instruction, read the proverbs regularly. (i) If we receive God's word we will get wisdom and be wise (Pro 2:1, 6) which will prompt us to receive further commandments from God (Pro 10:8). (ii) The more of God's word we receive, the more we will grow spiritually and the more we will desire to learn more (Pro 4:18). (iii) It's never too late in life to start receiving instruction in order to learn to be wise (Pro 19:20). B. and not silver; i. Wisdom is not forbidding us from ever receiving silver. a. It's not wrong to receive silver as payment for goods or services or as a gift (Gen 23:16). b. Wisdom is telling us that if it's a choice between receiving her instruction and receiving silver, choose instruction. c. In other words, we should value wisdom and instruction far greater than silver. d. The reason for this is because wisdom is far more valuable than silver (Pro 3:14; Job 28:15). e. Wisdom's instruction in the word of God is superior to silver because of its inherent value, and also because it will teach us how to get, save, spend, retain, and pass down silver to our children and grandchildren. C. and knowledge rather than choice gold. i. Knowledge is gained through instruction (see definition above). ii. Those who love instruction love knowledge (Pro 12:1). iii. Like instruction, knowledge should be preferred over precious metals such as choice gold because it is far more valuable (Pro 20:15).
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