Proverbs 7:9 (Mini Sermon)


9. Pro 7:9 - "In the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night:" A. In the twilight, i. Twilight n. - 1. The light diffused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere before sunrise, and after sunset; the period during which this prevails between daylight and darkness. b. spec. Most commonly applied to the evening twilight, from sunset to dark night. second twilight ii. When the sun goes down, the young man finishes working for the day. a. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. b. So he takes a walk near the harlot's corner. iii. The harlot has been waiting all day for the twilight so she can commit adultery unnoticed (Job 24:15). B. in the evening, i. Evening n. - 1. The coming on of ‘even’, the process or fact of growing dusk; the time at which this takes place, the time about sunset. Obs.; merged in 2. 2. a. As a synonym of even, which it has now superseded in ordinary use: The close of the day; usually, the time from about sunset till bedtime. ii. It's now close to being dark and the harlot is heading to work wearing her uniform (Pro 7:10). iii. He should be at home eating with family, resting, and preparing for tomorrow. iv. Instead he is going to the wrong place at a bad time. C. in the black and dark night: i. Night n. - I. 1. a. The period of darkness which intervenes between day and day; that part of the natural day (of 24 hours) during which no light is received from the sun; the time between evening and morning. ii. Now it's dark and sinning potential is at its apex because scrutiny from others is at its lowest. iii. Sin often takes place at night (1Th 5:7; Job 24:16-17). a. Sex generally happens at night (Job 3:3). b. Whoremongering especially happens at night (Rom 13:13). (i) Chambering n. - 1. a. The furnishing of a room. 2. a. Sexual indulgence, lewdness; luxury, effeminacy. Obs. (ii) Wantonness n. - 1. The quality of being wanton, in various senses. a. Lasciviousness, unchastity. (iii) Lasciviousness adj. - The quality of being lascivious. (iv) Lascivious adj. - 1. Inclined to lust, lewd, wanton. iv. A virtuous woman stays up after dark (Pro 31:18) and rises early in the morning while it's yet night (Pro 31:15) to make clothes and cook food for her family. v. The strange woman is out at night away from her family fulfilling her lusts.
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