Proverbs 7:6 (Mini Sermon)


6. Pro 7:6 - "For at the window of my house I looked through my casement," A. Solomon begins this warning to his son about the dangers of the strange woman from a personal observation. i. Some think Solomon was telling a parable to his son to strongly illustrate the dangers of the whore. ii. This could be, but it could also have been a scene that Solomon actually witnessed. B. He looked out the window of his house and saw a sad scene unfolding which he will describe to his son in detail for the remainder of the chapter. C. Casement n. - 1. Arch. a. A hollow moulding, a cavetto, not exceeding a quarter-round; = casemate 2. 2. a. A frame or sash forming a window or part of a window, opening on hinges attached to the upright side of the frame in which it is fixed. D. Let this be a lesson to us that evil is never far from us, sometimes even right outside our houses. i. There was wickedness happening right outside the palace of the king. ii. "Solomon was a magistrate, and, as such, inspected the manners of his subjects, looked often through his casement, that he might see with his own eyes, and made remarks upon those who little thought his eye was upon them, that he might know the better how to make the sword he bore a terror to evil-doers. But here he writes as a minister, a prophet, who is by office a watchman, to give warning of the approach of the enemies, and especially where they lie in ambush, that we may not be ignorant of Satan's devices, but may know where to double our guard." (Matthew Henry's Commentary) iii. "As Solomon was a public magistrate, he is here represented as a private observer of the behaviour of his subjects, as sitting in his palace at a window, at the small windows of it, as the Targum, where he could see and not be seen himself; near to which was an harlot's house; for they generally get about the courts of princes, where they make their prey;" (John Gill's Commentary) iv. Spiders make their way into kings palaces (Pro 30:28), and harlots get within earshot of it. E. Keeping in mind that Solomon's words are God's words to us, remember that just as Solomon the king was witnessing sin happening under his reign, likewise God's eyes are in every place beholding the evil and the good (Pro 15:3). F. Let this also be a reminder that someone (in addition to God) may be watching you when you think you are alone. Be sure your sin will find you out (Num 32:23).
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