Proverbs 7:19 (Mini Sermon)


19. Pro 7:19 - "For the goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey:" A. For the goodman is not at home, i. Goodman n. - 1. = good man. Sometimes used as a vague title of dignity or a respectful form of address. Obs. 2. The master or male head of a household or other establishment; the host (of an inn), the keeper (of a prison). b. A householder in relation to his wife; a husband. ii. The goodman was the strange woman's husband. a. Up to this point it would have been possible for the young man think that this woman was not married. b. She could have been a single woman with her own house. c. Any fool should have known that she was a whore based on her words and actions, but he might not have known she was an adulteress. d. But now there is no doubt that she is an evil, unfaithful woman. iii. She tells him that the goodman is not at home. a. This is obviously a suggestive comment. b. If the goodman would have known what was going to happen when he was gone, he likely would have stayed at home and not suffered the wife-thief to enter his house (Luk 12:39). B. he is gone a long journey: i. To alleviate any concern of getting caught, she assures him that her husband won't be back for a while. ii. The fact that the woman would commit adultery as soon as her husband leaves on a trip should have been ironclad proof that she was an evil woman. iii. Even a fool should have known to run from any woman who would do such a thing.
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