Proverbs 7:18 (Mini Sermon)


18. Pro 7:18 - "Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us solace ourselves with loves." A. All the ground work to seduce the young man has now been laid. i. First the strange woman appeals to the young man's lust of eyes with her immodest attire (Pro 7:10 c/w 1Jo 2:16). ii. Next she grabs him, kisses him, and tells him of her finely decorated and perfumed bed appealing to his lust of the flesh (Pro 7:13, 16-17 c/w 1Jo 2:16). iii. Then she flatters him appealing to his pride of life (Pro 7:15 c/w 1Jo 2:16). iv. Having thoroughly tantalized his carnal nature (and even trying to appeal to his spiritual nature - Pro 7:14) to weaken his resistance, she now goes in for the kill. B. Come, i. Up until now she has been trying to persuade the young man. ii. Now she moves from persuading to commanding. iii. Come v. - 1. In its most literal sense it expresses the hitherward motion of a voluntary agent. a. To move towards, approach. iv. Wisdom bids men to come unto her (Pro 9:5), and so does the strange woman. C. let us take our fill of love i. She invites the young man to come into her house to get all the "love" that he wants. ii. Fill n. - I. 1. a. A full supply of drink or food; enough to satisfy want or desire. iii. She perverts the meanings of words. a. She wants them to take their fill of love. b. Fornication and whoredom is not love, but lust (Rom 1:24; 1Th 4:3-7). c. Love is keeping the commandments of God (2Jo 1:6) toward God and toward our neighbor (1Jo 5:2-3). d. Fornicators do not love each other, they merely lust after each other. D. until the morning: i. She entices him with exaggerated promises. a. Until adv. - II. With reference to time. 5. Onward till (a time specified or indicated); up to the time of (an action, occurrence, etc.) b. She is suggesting that can take their fill of "love" from the evening (Pro 7:9) up to the time of the morning. ii. Only in the movies and romance novels do people make love all night long. a. Only an inexperienced fool would be excited by such a ridiculous proposition. b. In the real world, men fall asleep after sex and don't wake up for a long time (Son 2:3-7; Son 3:4-5). iii. By this point the young fool is too excited to be thinking rationally though. E. let us solace ourselves with loves. i. Solace v. - 1. trans. To cheer, comfort, console; to entertain or recreate. ii. The strange woman shows her cards with this comment. iii. Her enticement of him is for the purpose of entertainment and recreation, not for true marital love and intimacy. iv. This is a deception because fornication will only afford fleeting joy, afterwards to be followed by shame, disappointment, regret, disease, poverty, and more (Pro 5:8-14; Rom 6:20-21).
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