Proverbs 7:13 (Mini Sermon)


13. Pro 7:13 - "So she caught him, and kissed him, and with an impudent face said unto him, A. So she caught him, i. Caught - past tense of catch ii. Catch v. - II. To capture, esp. that which tries to escape; hence, to ensnare, surprise, overtake, reach, get at. 3. trans. To take forcible possession of, capture (a town, castle, ship, country, etc.). Obs. iii. The adulteress hunts for men (Pro 6:26). iv. When she finds one (Pro 7:15), she catches him in her narrow pit (Pro 23:27; Pro 22:14) with her snares and nets (Ecc 7:26), which are her flattering words (Pro 7:21). a. Why do you think whores, harlots, and strange women are called "hookers"? b. Hooker n. - One who or that which hooks. 1. A thief who snatched away articles with a hook; a pilferer, thief; (mod. slang) a watch-stealer. 4. A prostitute. B. and kissed him, i. This is the only instance in the Bible of a woman kissing a man as the initiator. a. Every other place in the Bible where the phrase "kissed him" is used it is speaking of a man kissing another man. b. This is good evidence that women in the Bible were not the initiators of first romantic kisses. ii. Beware of the woman who initiates the first kiss on a date. a. If she is that aggressive, she is most likely unprincipled and immoral. b. A woman who does so is immodest (see definition of impudent below). iii. Especially be wary of the woman who kisses you before she even speaks to you. a. This should have been a huge red flag to this young man. b. Unfortunately, many young men would be all to happy to have this happen to them which is why they need to hear and heed Solomon's words. C. and with an impudent face said unto him, i. Impudent adj. - 1. Wanting in shame or modesty; shameless, unblushing, immodest; indelicate. ii. A strange woman is immodest and has no shame. a. Shame n. - 1. a. The painful emotion arising from the consciousness of something dishonouring, ridiculous, or indecorous in one's own conduct or circumstances (or in those of others whose honour or disgrace one regards as one's own), or of being in a situation which offends one's sense of modesty or decency. b. She will say things to a man that no decent woman would. c. She has a whore's forehead and refuses to be ashamed (Jer 3:3). d. Wicked women (and men) know no shame (Zep 3:5). e. They cannot blush (Jer 6:15). iii. A woman who acts like this a slut. iv. Slut n. - 1. a. A woman of dirty, slovenly, or untidy habits or appearance; a foul slattern. 2. a. A woman of a low or loose character; a bold or impudent girl; a hussy, jade. v. If you meet a woman who is not ashamed of how she dresses and talks, "remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house (Pro 5:8).
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