Proverbs 6:35 (Mini Sermon)


35. Pro 6:35 - "He will not regard any ransom; neither will he rest content, though thou givest many gifts." A. He will not regard any ransom; i. Regard v. - 1. a. To look at, gaze upon, observe. 2. To take notice of, bestow attention or notice upon; to take or show an interest in; to give heed to; †to look after, take care of. ii. Ransom n. - 1. The action of procuring the release of a prisoner or captive by paying a certain sum, or of obtaining one's own freedom in this way; the fact or possibility of being set free on this condition; the paying of money to this end. iii. When caught by the woman's husband, the adulterer may try to pay him a sum of money in exchange for his life. iv. But the husband will pay no attention to it and have no interest in it. v. Vengeance is more valuable to him than any money the man could offer. vi. Men will accept a ransom for the life of a negligent ox owner who failed to keep in his ox which resulted in it killing someone (Exo 21:29-30), but they will not accept the ransom of an adulterer. B. neither will he rest content, though thou givest many gifts. i. The victim adultery will not be satisfied and will not rest until the man who defiled his wife has been punished. a. Rest v. - 1. a. To take repose by lying down, and esp. by going to sleep; to lie still or in slumber. 2. a. To take repose by intermission of labour or exertion of any kind; to desist or refrain from effort or activity; to become or remain inactive. b. Content adj. - I. 1. Having one's desires bounded by what one has (though that may be less than one could have wished); not disturbed by the desire of anything more, or of anything different; ‘satisfied so as not to repine; easy though not highly pleased’ 2. Pleased, gratified ii. Gifts will often pacify a man's wrath (Pro 21:14). iii. But gifts will not content the man who has had his wife taken by another man.
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